The Most Amazing Beaches In Europe

The Most Amazing Beaches in Europe

Crystal clear water, fine sand and mind-blowing colors are some of the many things you have to look forward to when visiting Europe's most amazing beaches.

Beaches are some of the most wonderful features the world has to offer. Year-round people travel to beachside locations looking to relax, participate in water sports and spend time with their loved ones.

Spending time in the sun has proven to have numerous health benefits. It improves your mood, boosts immunity, improves sleep, prevents vitamin D deficiency and helps lower your blood pressure.

The beaches on this list are just some of the many amazing beaches in Europe. If you're lucky enough to vacation to one of these locations, don't miss your chance to visit their beach.

Calo des Moro, Spain

Located in Mallorca, Spain, this stunning beach will leave you breathless. Enjoy their crystal clear water and rocky cliffs. This beach is a well-known diving destination.


Smugglers Cove, Greece

Smuggler's Cove is also known as Navagio Beach. It is located on the Greek Islands and is only accessible by boat. Try taking a boat cruise or a speedboat to Smuggler's Cove. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the limestone cliffs, the crystal blue water and white sand. Tip: Try BASE jumping for fun!

Peniche, Portugal

Picking one beach in Peniche, was way too difficult. Peniche is full of incredible beaches. Visit Baleal Beach; a wide extension beach with fine white sand, Medao Beach; known for its incredible waves, and Gamboa Beach; crystal clear waters and situated in a natural and cultural environment (

Isolla Bella, Sicily, Italy

Isolla Bella is also known as The Pearl of the Ionian Sea. It's a small island located within a small bay on the Ionian Sea. Relax on the islands beach or take the narrow pathway to the islands mainland beach

La Grande Plage de Biarritz, France

The majority of the ratings on Trip Advisor gave this beach an "excellent" rating. "What a beach, perfect sand to sit on and read a book or sunbathe. Plenty of room for everyone. Beach is split into three, with the middle part for the swimmers and bathers," one reviewer said. La Grande Plage is also a well-known surfing destination due to its big waves.

Algarve, Portugal

The Praia da Cova Redonda beach is full of jagged rock formations and surrounded by cliffs. Take a sea cave tour in the Algarve! Step onto the boat and float along the calm waters. Enter countless caves and explore the alcoves. Listen to the water as it crashes into the rocks and admire the clear water surrounding you. Tip: Book your tour online to ensure your spot on the boat!

Kampen Beach, Germany

Kampen Beach has an array of mind-blowing colors. The red cliffs will take your breath away and the sand looks as if it changes colors – far from the shore it looks grey and the closer you get the sand turns gold.

Falsterbo Beach In Skane, Sweden

Falsterbo beach is a long, white sand beach surrounded by colorful beach huts. The Telegraph describes this beach: "Like Swedish design, the beach at Falsterbo is simple, clean and unencumbered." They also explain that there are high dunes, and, in certain places, beech woods and shady pine.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

This beach is known for its unusual, otherworldly shape that continuously changes. Visitors say it is a beautiful place to watch the sunrise and sunset. It's also a great beach for families; children can enjoy playing in surrounding playgrounds. Tip: Rent a paddle boat or jet-ski for some ocean fun.

Viareggio, Versilia, Italy

If you're looking for a full-on Italian beach experience, look no further than Viareggio beach. Other than participating in a variety of water sports, The Telegraph says, "play beach volleyball, make sandcastles, grab a gelato – and then, of course, do the evening passeggiata along the Belle Époque promenade, together with everyone else."