How To Survive Your Layover

How to Survive Your Layover

Most travelers are usually dreading their layover before even taking off on their first flight. For others, they enjoy it. Probably because it gives them time to relax and rejuvenate before taking off again.  

I know It seems difficult, annoying and boring, but the truth is making it through your layover is not an impossible task. It's all about keeping yourself occupied. Whether you play games on your phone, grab a bite to eat one of your airports restaurants or take a nap, there are many ways to keep yourself busy.

According to CNN, "airport layovers can be the most gruesome leg of a journey. But airports are increasingly getting wise to the needs of their passengers, offering a range of amenities from swimming pools to yoga studios and even a golf course."

For those of you who dread your layover, I have a few solutions for you. Here are 9 tips to surviving your layover.

Sleeping Cabins

Catch up on some sleep during your layover. Some airports offer sleeping cabins that you can rent or lounge chairs you can relax in while you are waiting for your flight.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Dressing comfortable for your flight is a no brainer, but if you know you're going to have a layover definitely come prepared. Tip: Wear loose and stretchy clothing; try wearing a soft shirt and definitely wear comfortable undergarments.


Your flight is not for a couple hours, why not go for a walk and explore the airport? Stop in some shops, grab yourself a magazine and maybe even find a couple souvenirs to bring back for your loved ones at home.

Get Some Work Done

Are you going on a business trip? Use the time on your layover to send out emails and accomplish your tasks for the day. This way, when you arrive you have less work to do and can enjoy your destination.

Pack a Bag

Traveling can wear you down; this is why it's important to pack a bag full of essential items. Bring a toothbrush and tooth paste, carry snacks with you (we all know airport snacks are expensive) and don't forget your lap top, phone and phone charger.

Eat Something

Flying can be draining and it's important to keep your energy up. So why not kill some time and sit down at one of your airports restaurants. Grab a bite to eat and maybe sip on a cocktail while you're at it!

Use Google Latitude

Download the Google Latitude app on your smart phone. It will actually scan the airport and track it for anyone you may know. Who knows... you may have a friend that is stuck in the airport too (Ways to Save Time at the Airport).

Join Your Airport VIP Club

Many airlines have VIP clubs where you can relax during your layover. They usually offer free food, drinks and services such as free Wi-Fi and workplaces where you can check your emails.


You have been sitting on the plane for a while; take some time during your layover to stretch your muscles. Also, research your airport before you arrive, some airports such as Detroit Metro have a fitness center with treadmills, a pool, free weights and a Jacuzzi. (The Fittest Airports in the World)