The Worst Things A Hotel Guest Can Do

The service industry as a whole is a tough and sometimes thankless field. Hotel employees, in particular, have seen all sorts of wild things. Those employees responsible for cleaning and clearing out your room, get an often unwanted glimpse into the most intimate aspects of a guest's life: where they sleep and how they act when no one else is looking.

Hotel Housekeepers Share the Worst Things You Can Do When Staying in a Hotel Gallery

Not only do travelers want to stay in the best of hotels, but hotels ideally would like to have the best of guests. Of course, all types of people end up checking in to eat, sleep, and otherwise live their lives for anywhere from a day to a few months in a hotel. As a result, with the good come the bad. Housekeepers — those most brave of hotel staff who end up responsible for cleaning up after guests — often end up seeing the worst side of the people who come to stay there.

You'd be amazed at just how awful some guests can act or behave, and we found some amazing stories after reading through sites like Reddit and Thrillist. Straight from the mouths of hotel housekeepers themselves, here are some of the worst things a hotel guest can do.