Florida's Best Beaches

Florida’s Best Beaches

Palm trees swaying in the wind, kids playing in the sand, surfers out in the ocean, and watching the sunset over the horizon are just some of the many things you have to look forward to at Florida's best beaches.

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Whether you are looking for a romantic or a family-friendly destination, beach vacations are the perfect getaways. They offer great opportunities for bonding.

Take a walk along the beach, swim in warm waters, see a variety of tropical fish, scuba dive with living coral, and go snorkeling to view tons of other vibrant marine species.

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Key West

Key west is full of incredible beaches. Many of the best are located on the south side of the island facing the Atlantic Ocean. Go snorkeling, diving, surfing and swimming. Some of Key West's famous beaches include, Smathers Beach; the largest of the Key West Beaches, Dog Beach, Higgs Beach and Rest Beach.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island consists of 13 miles of pristine beaches. Go for a walk on the beach, take up a new water sport or just lay out in the sun. Also make sure you take a historic tour, ride a horse and carriage and de stress at the Ritz-Carlton Spa. You will also find incredible wildlife and tons of adventures to embark on.

Miami Beach

It doesn't matter how old you are or what your interests are – Miami Beach has something for everyone. It's the perfect mix between a wild night life and the ultimate relaxation. Lay out on the beach, get your tan on, enjoy their classy restaurants, lavish nightclubs and sunrise over the ocean.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

This is a "peaceful, barrier island sanctuary," according to nature.org. It is home to some of the most incredible endangered plants and animals. Some include leatherback sea turtles and loggerheads. This preserve got its name because during extreme high tides, when the sea breaks against the rocks, it can cause the water to plummet 50 feet in the air.


Located in Santa Rosa Island is the gorgeous Pensacola beach. It's the perfect family vacation destination. Enjoy the white sand beaches, green waters and an array of relaxation opportunities. Go for a walk, fishing, grab a bite to eat at one of their beach side restaurants, or take up a new water sport.

South Beach

South beach is a very famous destination for both locals and tourists. It has some of the best nightlife in all of Florida and incredible dining opportunities. Bike ride along the beach, go fishing, relax in the sun, watch the sunset, go surfing, or just take a walk along the shoreline

Fort Lauderdale Beach

If you're looking for more relaxation visit Fort Lauderdale. It is comprised of approximately 23 miles of beautiful beaches. Watch the sunset at Deerfield Beach, unwind at Hillsboro Beach, take up a new water sport at Pompano Beach, and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Dania Beach.

Clearwater Beach

There are tons of things to do on Clearwater beach – walk the Beach Walk Promenade, relax on the warm sand, rent a cabana and enjoy their incredible dining, live music and exciting beach bars. Tip: Don't miss the annual Clearwater Beach Uncorked Food & Wine Festival.

Siesta Key Beach

The sand on Siesta Key Beach is known as the "World's Finest, Whitest Sand," according to siestakeychamber.com. It's a very wide beach, 8 miles long, situated on a crescent-shaped barrier island. The four main areas of this beach include Siesta Beach, Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach, and Siesta Key Village.

Dry Tortugas National Park

This National Park is a secluded cluster of islands that are located 70 miles west of Key West in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy their beautiful turquoise waters and visit a variety of wonders while you are there. Some of these include the ancient fort and the largest masonry structure in the Americas. Also enjoy snorkeling and capture views of a variety of vibrant marine species.

Sanibel Island

Known as one of the most unique barrier islands in the world, Sanibel Island has won awards for being the best shelling beach in Florida. It's a beautiful destination for a wedding and a great place for fishing, shelling and bird watching. Bonus: Pets are allowed but they must be leashed.

Panama City Beach

Other than being one of the most exciting spring break destinations in America, Panama City Beach is also a great relaxation destination. Soak up the sun on their white sand beaches, hit the waves in their clear water, and take out a boat for some incredible fishing opportunities. Also, don't forget to plan your trip around the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam. It's a three-day celebration from Sept. 2-4.