The Coolest Cabins In The World

1. NaMaygoos Lake Cabin

Location: Canada

The Namaygoos Lake Cabin is the ultimate log cabin living. Spend your time in the wilderness. Go canoeing, boating, snorkeling, hiking and swimming. According to, "the NaMaygoos Lake Cabin (website) is situated in the Canadian Boundary Waters Canoe wilderness area which straddles Minnesota's border with Canada. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Imagine waking in the morning to mist on the water and the eerie call of loons and then drifting to sleep to the hooting of owls and a chorus of crickets"


2. Snowmass Village

Location: Colorado

The Snowmass Village in Colorado is beautiful all year round. In the Summer ride the Fork River rapids, go fishing and go on a hike. There is a lot of wildlife to see, along with, road biking, sightseeing, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, rock climbing, and paragliding. In the Winter go snowboarding, skiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snow tubing, uphill skiing, dog sledding, ice skating. But, don't forget... Visit the Snowmass Ice age Discovery Center. The Snowmass Village was ranked the #1 overall resort by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. Stay in this beautiful cabin for the adventure of a lifetime.

3. Hilversum

Location: The Netherlands

The Hilversum was designed by Piet Hain Eek for Dutch musician Hans Liberg. This is one of the most unique cabins. It is completely camouflaged. How so? Well, it's not only a cabin, but it is a music studio as well. Oh yeah... and it's on wheels, you can literally roll it around and take it with you!

4. Eco-Temporary Refuge

Location: Switzerland

The Eco-Temporary Refuge is specifically designed for climbers. Stay in a mountain top cabin that is solar-powered and moved around by helicopters. Does it really get better than that? According to Inhabitat, "The simple design has room for six bunks, a bath, a foyer, and living space. One huge window overlooking the breathtaking views can also let in precious solar heat. When the sun goes down, a thermal curtain helps keep the heat in. The cabin is supported by a 4kW solar array mounted on the walls to keep snow from covering it. The array supplies basic electricity for the occupants of course, but the designers also intend to heat the cabin with an under-floor heating system." 

5. Mountain Hill Cabin

Location: Norway.

The Mountain Hill Cabin is the basecamp for backcountry skiing. It was specifically designed with a sloping roof that you can ski over! You can only reach this cabin by skis during the winter. Not so much into skiing? That okay! Go sledge riding, have an outdoor picnic, and view the incredible scenery from the top of the cabin. Bonus: you can actually stay the night! The Mountain Hill Cabin has three bedrooms.

6. Sunset Cabin

Location: Ontario, Canada

Interested in getting away from your everyday life? According to Adventure Journal, The Sunset Cabin was built in a parking lot, it took four weeks to put it together, de-assemble and reassemble the house in situ beside the lake. "" So, get away and find peace from your everyday life... stay at the Sunset Cabin.

7. The Mushroom Dome Cabin

Location: Aptos, California

The Mushroom Dome Cabin is available to rent! It consists of a double bed, deck, couch, LCD screen with DVD player, refrigerator, toaster oven and other kitchen essentials. Clean linens and soap are provided for the bathroom and shower. If your into the wilderness this cabin is perfect for you, it is completely surrounded by nature. Visit the Aptos Village for restaurants a theatre and grocery stores. Rent for about $90 per night and about $600 per week (

8. Bajina Basta

Location: Serbia

The Bajina Basta is a very tiny Floating Cabin that is perched on top of a rock in the middle of the Drina River. According to Inhabitat, "The house was built back in 1968 by a group of boys who wanted a spot to sunbathe while at the river. Rather than settling on the comfort of raw bedrock, they took to constructing a building from wood boards reclaimed from a nearby shed that had been destroyed. Getting the materials onto the rock was no easy task — the wood was brought over by boat or kayak, and heftier pieces were taken upstream and left to float downstream where they were caught by the boys on the rock." No weather conditions have been able to take this house down!" 

9. Cliff Cabin

Location: Crazy Bear Wilderness Lodge in British Columbia, Canada

Hopefully you're not afraid of heights... this cabin literally sits perched on a cliff! It's the best place for isolation being that you can only access it by boat. Yes that's right, 20 minute floatplane ride to reach your destination! Go fly fishing, relax and gain peace of mind visiting this secluded cabin.

10. Glass Cabin

Location: West Virginia.

The Glass Cabin was created by a couple; they quit their jobs and began their mission in search for dozens of windows from antique stores and garage sales. According to My Modern Met, "the cabin the two have built doesn't include electricity or plumbing; it offers a refreshing "oneness" with the surrounding environment, heightening certain aspects of nature's beauty."

11. The Manta Resort

Location: Pemba Island, Tanzania.

The Manta Resort is literally a Floating cabin. Your bedroom is four meters below the surface! Relax with your loved ones and suntan on the top deck. Then later, make time for some romantic stargazing. Reward yourself and stay at The Manta Resort Vacation for experiences in the ultimate tropical marine environment.

12. The Elloaey Huntying Association Lodge

Location: Vestmannaeyjar Islands, Iceland

Visit this mysterious cabin located off of the southern coast of Iceland. If hunting is your thing, you definitely want to check out The Elloaey Huntying Association Lodge. This lodge is positioned in complete isolation. It is mainly there to provide shelter for the local hunting association, this making it the perfect place for a hunting getaway.

13. Victory Lodge

Location: June Lake, California

The Victory Lodge is absolutely mind blowing. It is the definition of luxury living. It has 9 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen a media events room and more. The Victory lodge is directly overlooking the Gull Lake. It is one of the largest log home structures ever build, it offers loads of space and privacy (

14. Cabanes als Arbres

Location: Spain.

Do you love nature? If your answer is yes this treehouse cabin is going to blow your mind! Go to Cabanes als Arbres and leave your stress on the ground, climb up to the ease of the forest and enjoy the view. There is no electricity, no cell phone service, just peace. They are equipped with a jug of water, candles and basin.