The Best Travel Gear For Kids

The Best Travel Gear for Kids

Traveling with your kids can be a hassle; just bucking them up and getting them comfortable in the backseat can be stressful. What if I told you that there is actually gear for kids that will not only make them happy, but will make your life a whole lot easier?

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From secure seatbelt holders, to portable car booster seats, headphones to keep them entertained and organizers specifically designed to keep your back seat from becoming a total mess, these products will help make your travels less stressful, and in turn, more exciting.

Make traveling easier, safer and more exciting with the best travel gear for kids.

Bluetooth Headphones

There is nothing worse than having your child bored and annoyed on a road trip. Kidz Gear came up with the ultimate solution – Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones specifically designed for children. It comes with a free carry-on bag for safe keeping and shipping is 100 percent free. Get your kids a pair today from


Parents probably know the stress that comes along with buckling your kids up safety – make sure they are sitting right, their seatbelt is secure and it's not tangled. MyBuckleMate takes the stress out of getting bucked up and on the road; it even helps kids learn to buckle up by themselves. Get yours today from

Headset Headphones

Instead of listening to music, how about you turn your road trip into an educational experience for your little one. The KidzControl™ Volume Limit Headset Headphones are designed with a Boom Microphone for reading, foreign language and phonics lessons. They can even make Skype calls and participate in interactive gaming. Get your child a pair today from

Inflatable Car Booster Seat

The inflatable and deflatable, portable and packable car booster seat is just what your child needs for comfort during your travels. It is "the most advanced, proven & tested portable booster seat on the market," according to BubbleBum. A review on their website says: "Where has this thing been all my life? I've been struggling for over a year to fit 3 car seats in 1 row. First day of use and the kids buckled themselves in 2 seconds." Get your kids one today at

Waterproof Bag

Carry your kid's dirty clothes and swimwear in this Wet/Dry bag by Bumkins. The exterior is made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric and it features two compartments, one for wet and one for dry. It is machine washable and is also great for cloth diapering. Get yours today from

Travel Pillow

Many times, when your child is having trouble sleeping it's because he or she is uncomfortable. BubbleBum came up with the ultimate solution – the Sneck. A comfy travel pillow designed specifically for kids! It contains micro-bead filled pods for maximum comfort and provides head and neck support. There's also a stash pocket for kids to store their mp3 player or mobile device when not in use. Get your child one today from

Compact Car Booster Seat

Instead of lifting the child up, like a regular booster seat, the Mifold holds the seatbelt down. It's portable, foldable and so small it can fit in your glove box or backpack. The Mifold comes in six different colors and is perfect for kids ages 4-12. Get your kids one today from   

Clear Travel Bag

These travel bags are lightweight with a clear front; they are TSA compliant and fit nicely into carry-on bags. They have secure zipper closure and are made from Bumkin's easy wipe, stain and odor resistant, waterproof fabric. They come in three different DC comic prints – Batman, Superman and Wonder Women. Get your kids travel bag today from

Baby Dock

Traveling with your baby can be difficult at times, but lucky for you DockATot™ came up with the ultimate solution – a multifunctional and multitasking docking station for your baby. It offers a safe and comfortable spot for your baby to rest, lounge, play, and get diaper changes. They are lightweight and portable which make it perfect for traveling. The DockATot™ comes in two different sizes -the Deluxe Dock for 0-8 month olds and the Grand Dock for 9-36 month olds. A review on said: "Love it! My little one sleeps her best in it. I had to get the grand for my toddler because he wanted to take hers!" Get your very own DockATot™ today from

Backseat Organizer

You're traveling in the car and you look behind you only to realize your kids have turned the backseat into a complete mess. What's your solution? The Junkie. It completely transforms and organizes your backseat. It has two compact retractable activity trays, two cup holders, expanding compartments and a removable, reusable totebag to easily transport all of your kid's belongings from the car into the home. Get your kids one today from

Food Flask

Everyone knows, when kids get hungry, they get cranky and the last thing you need on your road trip is to have to make frequent stops for food. The 12 oz. Flood Flask by Hydro Flask is just what you need to keep your child happy. Store either hot or cold food inside of it before you leave the house and hold on to it for when your child gets hungry. Get yours today from

A Camera to Capture the Moment

Hand your child the Duo Camera next time you're on a road trip. It's the perfect way to, well, keep them occupied, but also offer them the opportunity to capture the moment. This is a high quality, waterproof action camera and it's sold at a very reasonable price. Get yours today from

Keyboard Cover

There is nothing worse than a spill in the backseat, except maybe if the spill ends up all over your laptop. The NewerTech NuGuard Keyboard Cover has got you covered. It provides protection to your laptop without compromising functionality. It protects against key wear, food, dust and hair clogging. Click here to get your keyboard cover today.

Wireless Aluminum Keypad

Even if your kids have the computer, you have the control. The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad allows you to easily sync up with the computer in your car and stays connected with a range up to 30 feet. It features machined aluminum housing, white keys and a bracket that attaches to the apple keyboard. It is compatible with Bluetooth enabled Macs, PCs and iDevices. Click here to get yours today.