This Is The Best Time Of Day To Book A Flight

As flights get more and more expensive, the savviest of travelers have figured out ways to save money on airfare. One factor that can greatly affect ticket prices is the time of day during which one purchases a ticket, and a recent report by travel fare aggregator website Skyscanner has found that getting the best flight deals of the day may require waking up early.

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The Skyscanner report, which details the best times to book a flight in 2019 monthly, weekly and even hourly, found that the best time to purchase flight tickets on any given day is at around 5 a.m. To further ensure great savings, the report recommends booking domestic flights on Tuesday mornings, while Wednesday mornings have the cheapest international flights.

Not only is it important to give yourself enough time to plan out your vacation, but booking ahead of time can also mean lower prices. If you're looking to book tickets for a domestic trip, you should do so two to three weeks in advance, whereas international trips are best booked five to six months ahead of time.

The report also states that the cheapest month to book domesitc flights is January, followed by February and August. Meanwhile, October and April are the cheapest months for international travelers. However, knowing when to book airfare is just one of many ways you can afford your dream vacation.