17 Surprising Things That Will Get You Kicked Out Of Disney Parks [Gallery]

17 surprising things that will get you kicked out of Disney parks

The "Happiest Place on Earth" is also one of the strictest places on earth. Anything from gum to a grumpy Goofy could ruin the magic for a visitor. Here are reasons Disney security might boot you from the theme park.

1. Jumping out of a ride

Mickey's got eyes and ears everywhere, so if you think you can sneak out of your car on a slow-moving ride like Pirates of the Caribbean or It's a Small World to snap a selfie, think again. According to the site How To Disney, rides like these have floor sensors that alert staff and immediately stop the ride when they've been triggered. The perpetrators will promptly be kicked out.

2. Sneaking backstage

Disney has plenty of other off-limits areas besides rides. Not just costumed performers but all staff are referred to as "cast members" and they often sneak off to the employees-only area known as "backstage." This area includes underground tunnels, offices, break rooms, a cafeteria, costuming and prop areas and more. If a guest is caught slinking around backstage, they will likely get kicked out.

3. Harassing cast members

The Disney authorities don't have a lot of patience for people harassing cast members, especially defenseless folks in full furry costumes. It's a more common occurrence than you would think: According to Mental Floss, in 2015, 107 employees across the four parks at Walt Disney World reported injuries from guests pushing, pulling or jostling them. While some are accidental, a Disney spokesperson once said, "Guest and character altercation is not tolerated." So any guests who try to attack a character will surely get booted out.

4. Inappropriate attire

Over-sized clothing, such as items that drag on the ground, is considered hazardous by the Mouse House. And while Orlando can be sweltering, too little or an indecent amount of clothing is grounds for getting kicked out too, as is clothing with offensive words or images. Disney can "deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other guests."

5. Showing offensive tattoos

The "Happiest Place on Earth" has to be family-friendly and fun for folks of all colors and creeds, so its regulations don't just pertain to clothing on your body, but tattoos as well. According to Disney's park rules, "visible tattoos that could be considered inappropriate, such as those containing objectionable language or designs, are not permitted."

6. Dressing up

Costumes cannot be worn at Disney by anyone over the age of 14, especially not Disney costumes. This is because Disney wants it to be crystal-clear to kids who the "real" official characters are. This has inspired the practice of Disneybounding, which is wearing casual outfits inspired by Disney characters that can't be construed as costumes. Even if you get let in the park, you can still be thrown out for impersonating a character. If a child confuses you for a character and you take a picture with them or sign an autograph, that's against the rules.

7. Taking video on rides

According to WDW Info, attempting to take video on rides is considered unsafe behavior for both you as well as the people around you should you drop your device. So whether you're on It's a Small World or Splash Mountain, don't attempt to film your experience; just enjoy the ride.

8. Making inappropriate gestures at ride cameras

Disneyland has been open since 1955, but that doesn't stop people from thinking they're the first brilliant prankster to make crude hand gestures at the ride cameras. While cast members catch and edit out these obscenities before they can be bought and printed at the post-ride photo kiosk, they can also report you and have you kicked out for the not-family-friendly behavior.

9. Sneaking in a selfie stick

Selfie sticks have been prohibited at Disney parks since 2015 as they interfere with other guests' experience. Getting caught with any banned item and refusing to hand it over will result in getting kicked out of the park. Other prohibited items include drones, toy guns, shoes with built-in wheels and any other item that "may be harmful or disruptive."

10. Bringing a balloon into Animal Kingdom

Disney is especially protective of the wild animals housed at Animal Kingdom, and items that might be OK in other parts of the park become a problem if you try to bring them in here. Balloons, plastic straws and drink lids are not permitted for the safety of the animals, and throwing a fit over disposing of them could mean you get shown the exit.

11. Feeding the animals

Attempting to feed animals at the parks, not just in Animal Kingdom, could result in a confrontation with a cast member. The animals in the parks, even the ducks swimming in ponds, are on a strict feeding schedule to regulate where they congregate, and feeding them in undesignated places or at undesignated times could create swarming. Refusal to comply will get you kicked out of the park.

12. Taking a swim

Outside Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, Disney's two water parks, swimming in the regular Disney parks is verboten. No matter how toasty it gets in Florida or California, taking a dip in a fountain, pool or moat will not only get you kicked out, but could also get you banned. They take it seriously because people have drowned while trying to sneak in swims in restricted areas of the park.

13. Cutting in line

Cutting in line isn't just rude and against society's unspoken rules. It's considered disruptive to other guests, and that behavior is against Disney policy. Cutting also includes a friend or family member holding a spot for you while you go to the bathroom, grab food, etc. If you get called out for cutting and cause a scene, a cast member could call security and have you escorted out. You'll also get tossed out for trying to climb over fences and gates to sneak to the front.

14. Smoking where you aren’t supposed to

Believe it or not, smoking is actually permitted in Disney parks, but only in designated out-of-sight areas. Smoking elsewhere in the park, especially on rides, is considered a danger to other guests.

15. Trying to fake a hand stamp

Before Disney switched to using plastic cards and fingerprint scanners, the system of park readmission was more befitting a county fair. Guests who left the park and wanted to come back in later would get a hand stamp upon leaving. People tried to game this simple system, including actress Blake Lively, who got banned from the park for a year after trying to lift a friend's hand stamp with hairspray then pass it off on her own hand.

16. Being Mac Faulkner

Mac Faulkner is an editor at the comedy website The Chive, and according to him, he received a lifetime ban from Disney parks in 2013 for a string of flagrantly ridiculous acts while at Disney World with his co-workers. His "grievances" allegedly included sneaking under the ropes at Space Mountain to have a tea party with the robots, trying to bribe his Jungle Cruise guide to kill an animal, and trying to buy Mickey cufflinks with chips from a Texas strip club. Though his claims might be exaggerated, he does have photographic evidence of some of his shenanigans.

17. Being belligerent

This might not be surprising, but being a drunken mess or getting physical with park security or other guests will get you tossed out. Olympian and pro soccer player Alex Morgan made headlines for getting kicked out of Disney World in 2017 for this behavior. She and a group of other players got too rowdy in an Epcot bar and were forced to leave the park after being deemed "impaired and verbally aggressive."