15 Survival Tips For Holiday Travel

15 Survival Tips for Holiday Travel

Between airport security, flight delays, crowds of people and overpriced tickets, traveling during the holiday season can be a nightmare. The good news is that, you don't have to suffer from travel stress; there are plenty of ways to get through this chaotic experience without suffering from anxiety.

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Two out of every three people report having anxiety about going home for the holidays (65%), according to new data commissioned by personal travel assistant app Mezi. This may be due to the stresses that come with travel. The process of leaving your home and commuting to your destination can be extremely overwhelming.

Pre-book additional baggage

"If you're planning to travel with your snow gear, always pre-book additional baggage like skis and boots to make check-in as smooth as possible," Yijen Liu, VP of Product at travel concierge app Mezi, says. "Wearing your big, clunky ski coat saves room in your luggage. Oh, and (bonus!) active ski vacations can help you shed those extra holiday calories."


"Headed to the beach for your holiday vacation? Be sure to plan for some down time," Liu says. "A day basking in the sun can be more taxing than you realize. Especially for the kids."

Reduce stress

"Don't forget, this is your vacation. Let it be stress-free," Liu says. "Bring your running shoes, read a new book, schedule a relaxation/spa session or download meditation apps like Headspace to help you sleep or to get zenned out amidst the travel."

Use a travel-booking app

Mezi is travel concierge app; it provides an easy way to book flights, hotels, dinner reservations, event tickets and more, before and during your trip. "Powered by the world's smartest chatbots and human guided experts, Mezi acts as your personal assistant to help with all your travel needs," Liu explains. "Put Mezi to work researching your vacation plans while you stay focused on your day job — it's as easy as sending a few text messages!"

Prepare, prepare, prepare

"Make a packing list: apps like Travel List help you stay organized and insure that you don't leave anything important behind," Liu says. "Notifications and personalized settings will help make packing and getting to your destination a breeze."

Download entertainment ahead of time

"Download your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix ahead of time," Liu says. "Binge watch Stranger Things while on flights and other places where internet is expensive or limited. This way your 20 hour travel day will be a bit more bearable."

Ship gifts before you go

"Traveling with children who still believe in Santa? Ship select gifts straight to your destination or pack a stocking full of transportable gifts," Liu says. "But save the wrapping until you arrive at your destination." If you can't accommodate the gifts this year, no need to worry, just be sure gifts are waiting under the tree when you return home, she adds.

Follow the TSA guidelines

"Over the holidays, TSA can be (even more of) a nightmare. Make sure your items are allowed by using the "Can I Bring My..." tool to see what is and isn't allowed," Liu says. This will help you avoid delays and the accompanying panic to get to your gate on time, she adds.

Keep track of the little things

"For a glitch-free trip start to finish, simple steps like taking a picture of your parking spot at the airport can save you a world of headache trying to locate it later," Liu says.

Book your trip at the right time

"Book on Tuesdays around 3p.m. Eastern time," Liu says. "This time and day gives you access to the best deals." She also advises to "travel on off-peak days and times to beat the crowds (and the inflated prices)."

Eliminate money issues

"Traveling abroad? Circle is the easiest way to borrow money from friends and divvy up expenses (like hotel fees and large group checks at dinner) while you're traveling," Liu explains. It "automatically factors in exchange rates for UK Pound Sterling and Euros, so you can pay someone back for that pint immediately from your U.S. bank account."

Download an app for free calling and messaging

WhatsApp is a great hack for traveling abroad, Liu says, it's a cheaper alternative to SMS for sending messages around the world. "In addition to texting, make phone calls for free (over the Internet). It's easy to communicate with the friends you're traveling with, and those back home."

Choose your destination wisely

"Choose a destination not celebrating a holiday to save on travel expenses," Liu says. "Or visit a well, less wholesome destination like Las Vegas. Hotels are usually super cheap over holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah."

Bring snacks

"Airport food can be expensive and unhealthy," Liu says. "Curb the temptation by packing healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit or popcorn. Save the indulgence for the flight with these fun cocktail kits, you've earned it!"

Pack your best attitude

"Holiday travel is often riddled with delays due to snow storms and heavy winds," Liu says. It's important to maintain a positive mindset. "Check out the many restaurants, bars and shopping malls most airports have to offer to make the most of unexpected situations," she adds.