11 Fittest Airports In The World

1. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

According to flychicago.com, Chicago's airports expected more than 4.6 million passengers during the holiday travel period. This being said, travel home from your holiday vacations stress free. Join others in Chicago O'Hare's yoga room for meditation and relaxation. This room contains a yoga teaching video, soothing music, and bamboo floors. *Open from 6am-10pm.

2. Fairmont Vancouver Airport

Fairmont Vancouver's Airport is the definition of luxury. According to Fairmont.com, this hotel was voted, #1 Airport Hotel in North America and 6th in the world at the 2015 Skytrax World Airport Awards. Get in your ultimate workout for only $18 per visit. Enjoy the breathtaking views and take advantage of the saunas, pools, showers, workout equipment, weights and rowing machines.

3. Toronto Pearson

The "Good Life" fitness center is only $15 to enter. They provide you with storage space for your luggage... so you don't have to carry it around the gym with you! Then, you are offered the option to rent Reebok Shoes and clothes... just in case you didn't have any gym clothes on you! After, hit the showers and head to the spa where you will pamper yourself with a 10 minute manicure.

4. Seoul Incheon Airport

Located in Seoul Korea. This magnificent airport is absolutely amazing. It has a vast amount of airport lounges, free Wi-Fi, stations to charge your phone, a hotel and even a casino! This relaxation is exactly what you will need after your trip around the ice skating rink. Flight delayed? Hit the driving range up! Oh and the best part... There is an awesome fitness center that will store your luggage for you while you are working out. Exhausted yet? Find the "rest and relaxation" zones. These zones consist of shower rooms and padded loungers for a quick nap.

5. Zurich Airport

According to Swiss.com, for years the Zurich Airport has been known as "Europe's Leading Airport". Nowhere else do departing passengers, transiting passengers and home-coming passengers feel more comfortable than here. Why is the Zurich Airport one of the fittest airports? You can actually rent Bicycles and skates in the airport and explore. Talk about a fit a fun workout!

6. Detroit Metro

Detroit Metro is home of the Westin Fitness Center. This gym open 24 hours and is only $15 a day. What's so crazy about their fitness center? They actually have treadmills, a pool, free weights and a Jacuzzi. Not only do they provide you with excellent exercise and wellness equipment but they also provide you with the option to go to their day spa. So, after a long day, or in the midst of your delayed flight, get a manicure and massage! *Bonus: Detroit Metro allows you access to locker rooms to store your belongings.

7. San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport is known for its incredible Yoga rooms and amazing spa services. The yoga rooms are located in both terminal 2 and 3. Bonus: The rooms are completely free to use and are open 24 hours a day. Then, relax while you wait and receive a massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing service, facial or hair service.

8. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport:

Why is Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport one of the fittest? Well for one, they teamed up with the American Heart Association and they added a walking program directly in the airport. Not to mention, their amazing relaxation lounges. These lounges are open to all travelers; provide free Wi-Fi and complimentary food and drinks.

9. Schipol Airport

Located in Amsterdam. The Schipol Airport took creativity to a whole new level. They actually have recharging bikes. What's so special about them? Well if you need to charge your phone, you need to hop on a bike and start peddling. The bikes that create energy when you peddle. So get in your workout and charge your phone at the same time at the Schipol Airport.

10. Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is the ultimate airport for all of your sports fitness needs! They literally have sports simulators, giving you the chance to play a virtual game of soccer, golf, basketball, and even race a car! Along with the simulators, this airport will provide you with a real golf course.

11. Port Columbus International Airport

Location: Columbus, Ohio. Release your travel stress and find a quiet place in Port Columbus's Meditation Room. Traveling with your pet? Well, you're in luck! Port Columbus has a fenced in pet area. So while you're relaxing, your pet can rest too!