The 10 Worst US Airports For TSA Security Delays

The 10 Worst US Airports for TSA Security Delays

Yes, there are some amazing airports around the world, some that you may even want to get stuck in, but the truth is that with the good sometimes comes the bad, and not all airports are going to meet your expectations.

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Confusing departure terminals, rude staff, poor facilities and annoying passengers will most definitely increase your travel anxiety. But the one thing that tops them all – TSA security. The crowds of people, long lines and delays are sure to put your stress levels over the top.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

The John F. Kennedy International Airport has by far one of the worst TSA checkpoints. According to the study, the average wait time is 16.8 minutes. One individual wrote a review on, in which he explained that "the queue was massive and moved exceedingly slowly" and that "it took over an hour to check in and then there was the queue for security."

Newark Liberty International Airport

According to the J.D Powers 2016 North America Airport Satisfaction Study, travelers reported waiting on average 16.5 minutes while at the security checkpoint. This may be due to elimination of 70 TSA staff positions since 2014, research explains. Frequent flyers recommend signing up for TSA PreCheck for shorter lines.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Although, according to the study, travelers reported waiting on average 15.6 minutes at the security checkpoint, you're in luck because once you finally pass through you're in for a treat. Release the overwhelming stress rushing through you and head to their yoga room for meditation and relaxation.

Orlando International Airport

According to, the TSA agents at Orlando International Airport received 1,000 complaints in 2014, and flyers feel like not much has changed in 2016. Passengers stood online for an average of 11 minutes in April, 2016, the Orlando Sentinel reports, the TSA also recorded quite a few wait times as high as 50 minutes during that time period.

Philadelphia International Airport

Travelers reported waiting on average 15.6 minutes while at the security checkpoint, according to the study. CBS Philly recommends that passengers arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before any international travel.

Los Angeles International Airport

Travelers reported waiting on average 16 minutes while at the security checkpoint, according to the study. A review on said: "This airport is very poor in its operations. Everything is delay, delay, and more delays. Avoid this place at all costs. You will never leave or arrive on time."


The study shows that on average people wait 15.5 minutes to get through TSA security. A review on said: "La Guardia is possibly the worst airport I have experienced. The line to get through security is really poorly organized and moves at a snail's pace." Another reviewer wrote: "Security takes extremely long since the number of stations aren't enough to handle this [many] passengers."

Fort Worth International Airport

"I have now changed flights here on several occasions. It is best avoided – immigration is very slow, security is dreadfully crowded/inefficient and the inter terminal transit is slow. Allow at least 3 hours for this," a reviewer on, said. On a good note, once you finally do make it through the security line, you won't run out of exciting things to do; there are tons of shopping opportunities.

Washington Dulles

The average wait time at TSA security is 15.5 minutes, according to the study. A review on said: "The security lines. You could wait an unnecessary 30 minutes in these lines, due to inefficient management. Then once you are finally through the machines, you have to make your way through the maze of escalators and halls to get to the right train or bus-thingy to get to the correct terminal."

Seattle/Tacoma Airport

According to the study, you're likely to wait, on average, 15.6 minutes at TSA security. A review on TripAdvisor said: "I am a regular flier, but have not flown out of SEATAC in about a month. At times I have found SEATAC security/TSA to be frustrating with very unpredictable wait times. Because of that, I regularly recommend that travelers departing from SEATAC allow 1.5/2 hours for domestic flights, 2.5/3 for international flights."