10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Iceland

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Iceland

Thrill seekers, nature lovers and photographers, are you trying to decide where to take your next vacation? How about Iceland – the ultimate Arctic paradise.

Witness the spectacular northern lights, view unique glaciers, take in the beauty of their incredible waterfalls, explore their black sand beaches, go to exciting music festivals, and capture photos of their dramatic landscapes, wildlife, nature and natural wonders.

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The Blue Lagoon Spa

Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon Spa offers the ultimate relaxation and complete spa experience for every individual. Take a dip into their steamy waters and enjoy their luxurious amenities. Some of them include their man-made waterfall, sauna, steam rooms, relaxation area and options for spa services such as the Silica Mud Mask.

The Northern Lights

You can't visit Iceland without viewing the magnificent Northern Lights. Visit Akureyri, a small city in Iceland, for stunning views or venture out and take a northern lights tour to observe the beautiful display on a dark winter night. Tip: Visit Iceland from September to mid-April for the best viewing of the northern lights.

Slifra Canyon

Go on a snorkeling Silfra Day Tour through the underwater world of the Silfra. This is a great adventure for the entire family. Float between two continental plates and don't forget your camera; you're going to want to capture photos of the spectacular colors of the ocean surrounding you. Click here for more information.

Vik Beach

Vik Beach is one of the most spectacular black sand beaches in the world. It rose from the ashes of Iceland's volcanoes and is known as the islands most famous beach and one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches on earth. While you are there view its incredible lava formations, high cliffs and caves.

Beautiful Waterfalls

There is no way you can visit Iceland without visiting the famous Gullfoss Falls. This falls is fed by Langjökull, Iceland's second largest glacier. It was designated as a nature reserve in 1979. Watch the water as it crashes down into an incredible canyon, and make sure you try and visit when the sun is shining; you may catch a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow. While you are in Iceland, make sure you also visit their tallest waterfalls, Glymur, and Europe's most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss.

Otherworldly Landscapes

Iceland's Great Geysir is a sprouting hot spring that has come to be one of the most visited attractions in all of Iceland. People gather around to watch the steaming water shoot up from the underground hot spring. The Geysir has been active for about 10,000 years, and at times, it has erupted so aggressively that it caused the ground to shake.

The Lava Fields

Iceland's lava fields are a sight not to be missed. The Krafla Lava Fields specifically are one of the top lava fields to visit in Iceland. A recent review on TripAdvisor said: "You feel like you have stepped into another world. The lava fields make you feel as if you are maybe walking on Mars. The paths are quite negotiable and the sites are just amazing. I kept stopping to look around and to take pictures."

Music Festivals

Iceland is more than just a place for dog sledding and sightseeing, it also known for its-out-of-this-world music festivals. You still have time to make it to Iceland Airwaves 2016. It's a 5-day music festival in Reykjavik. Other music festivals include the Reykjavik Jazz Festival August 9-13, the Reykjavik Cultural Festival August 20 and the Icelandic Chamber Music Festival August 4-14.

Incredible Photo Opportunities

Its otherworldly landscapes, mind-blowing colors and natural beauty, make Iceland the perfect destination for photographers. Capture photos of wildlife, nature, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, beaches and the spectacular northern lights.

Horseback Riding

Hop on beautiful Icelandic Horses for a different kind of Iceland experience. There are tons of horseback riding tours to choose from, some of which include the 6-day Diamond Circle tour, the 5-day Kings Road tour, the 6-day Towards the Midnight Sun tour and the 4-day Winter Ride and Northern Lights tour. For more tours and details click here.