10 Locations From Your Favorite Movies That You Can Visit In Real Life

10 Locations From Your Favorite Movies That You Can Visit in Real Life

Admit it, you have always wanted to visit a set in Harry Potter, and you would give anything to explore the location of were Jurassic Park was filmed. What if I told you this was possible? Some of your favorite movies were filmed in locations that you can actually visit in real life.

We can follow the beauty we see on the big-screen, visit the homes of some of our favorite childhood stars and even stay overnight in hotels where movies were filmed.

For all of you movie bluffs out there, or those of you who just appreciate a beautiful scene, these are some of the many, locations from your favorite movies that you can visit in real life.

The firehouse from Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters fans, you will be happy to know that you can visit two different locations where the movie was filmed. Visit 14 North Moore Street in New York City to view the Ghostbusters headquarters; it's home to an operational New York Fire Department firehouse. Also, visit 225 E. 5th Street in Los Angeles to see the interiors it was filmed in – also another firehouse.

The X-Mansion, X-Men

Professor X's private home is located in Salem Center, New York. However, the building that is used in the movies is Hatley Castle, which is located in British Columbia. Fun Fact: The castle is also where the TV series Smallville was filmed.

The house from A Christmas Story

A classic, A Christmas Story is based in Indiana. The Parker's home is located at 3159 W. 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. *Ohio is also home to some of the Scariest and Most Thrilling Roller Coasters Around the World.

The tropical setting, Jurassic Park

Have you ever noticed that Jurassic Park offers some of the most incredible backdrop scenery? If you want to visit, travel to Kauai, Hawaii where it was filmed.

Yavin Iv from Star Wars

If you want to see where the Massassi Outpost base on the fourth moon of Yavin was shot, visit the Mayan temple ruins in The Tikal National Park in Guatemala.

The dorms in The Capitol, Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Are you a Hunger Games fanatic? If so, visit Atlanta and make your way to the exact location where Catniss and the tributes' dorms were located – the Marriott Marquis hotel.

Top Notch from Dazed & Confused

Located in Texas, 7525 Burnet Road to be exact, is Top Notch, where David Wooderson spread the word about the party at the Moontower. You can visit and grab a burger there today.

Hogwarts from Harry Potter

Harry Potter was filmed in a ton of different places around England. Some of which include Christ Church College and Cathedral and Gloucester Cathedral.


Where Wells finds the killer, Time After Time

Not only can you visit, but you can stay overnight in the exact place where Wells finds the killer – The Hyatt Regency hotel in San Francisco.

Nakatomi Plaza, Die Hard

Die Hard fan? Visit the Nakatomi Plaza, a real life location in Los Angeles, where Twentieth Century Fox's corporate headquarters stands.