Totally Epic Treehouses Around The World

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes them so enchanting, but treehouses exude a certain kind of captivating charm incomparable to almost any other style of lodging.

Maybe it's that "cozy cottage" feeling and the chance to reconnect with nature? Or, perhaps for many it's the opportunity to finally live out a childhood dream?

There are so many aspects that make them truly exceptional and astonishing feats of architecture, but no matter what it is about treehouses that entices you most, each of these from around the world is sure to awaken your inner child and inspire you to seek a treehouse adventure of your own.

The Alnwick Garden Treehouse—Northumberland, England

This grand treehouse in Alnwick Garden happens to be an excitingly enchanting restaurant. Here, guests are welcomed to dine on fresh local food straight from Northumberland's farmlands. Complete with a cozy log fireplace and trees growing straight through the floor, the fairytale-like atmosphere offers a truly unique dining experience.

Kadir's Treehouses—Olympos, Turkey

Situated along Turkey's Mediterranean coast, this rustic resort provides guests (typically backpackers) with a variety of different treehouse-type lodging options. "It's a backpacking institution on the Turkey backpacking trail," wrote blogger Anthony Bianco. According to the Kadir's website, visitors can take advantage of two different bars and a seafood restaurant and both breakfast and dinner are included in the price of each room.

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