Top Travel Accessories For Fitness Freaks

Action Wipes

When it comes to weekend excursions that veer off the beaten path—far away from bathrooms with running water—the most savvy athletes are prepared with a few Action Wipes in their bags. Sans shower, these are the closest you'll come to feeling clean and refreshed while on the road. Take them off-roading too, because their naturally antibacterial and antiseptic properties make them great for cleaning road-rash, cuts and scrapes. 
$6 for a 4-pack;


Toss that weeklong pill container and slip two alternaVite packets in your weekend bag instead. These adult-friendly pixie sticks provide 23 essential vitamins and minerals and are conveniently packaged in daily-dose packets. Made in the USA, alternaVites are also great to mix into drinks or smoothies although no liquid is necessary for these melt-in-your mouth vitamins.

$29.95 for 30;

Bubi Bottle

While away from the office water cooler for the weekend, stay hydrated with the "world's first scrunch-able multi-use bottle." Bubi bottles come in a variety of colors and are even customizable so you can get your kickball team's name printed on them. They're safe to freeze and put in the microwave, which means you can use yours as a cold or hot compress, too. When empty, the Bubi bottle rolls up to squeeze through an attached key ring making it super compact and one smart weekend pack.

Dakine Crosby Camper Hat

Because business casual doesn't apply, the weekend is the perfect time to exercise the right to wear headgear. This stylish camper hat from Dakine features a laid-back Aloha detail that's fair game starting Friday night. The adjustable snap back makes it a one-size-fits-all that definitely belongs in your weekend bag if your Saturdays and Sundays include outdoor activities that might involve flyaways or fly balls.

Digifit Saddle

Weekends allow for longer workouts, and whether it's used for music or monitoring, the iPhone needs to be within reach. The game-changing Digifit Saddle contours to the lower forearm allowing convenient viewing for those who use their iPhones to enhance their exercise experience; no need to unstrap, strain, or squint. And for those who want to track and monitor their Saturday and Sunday stats, the Digifit iCardio app is a must-have extra.

Empower Total Body Toning System

Every weekend bag needs a calorie-burning contraption, and sometimes a simple jump rope just wont cut it. That's when you pack the Total Body Toning System which features power cords that provide constant resistance to help you sculpt your way through Sunday night. Whether your goal is to tone the upper-body, the lower-body, or both, this is the tool to whip out on the weekends.

Folding Sunglasses

The weekends are all about soaking up some Vitamin D, and these folding retro shades allow you to save on space without having to sacrifice on style or UV protection. They fold at the bridge and each temple and store in a sturdy zip-shut case with a convenient clip. And since they only take up half the room of traditional sunglasses, you'll have plenty more space to pack the SPF.

Two Fold Foods Granola & Nuts

"Anytime, anywhere"—those are the words used by the team at Twofold Foods, and their tasty granola and nut mixes seem like they were made for the weekend munchies. With wholesome, natural ingredients and not a trace of preservatives or refined sugars, these are the snacks that you'll want to stash in your bag for workout fuel. The pistachio granola is so good that you may even think about skipping Sunday brunch.

STM MacBook Grip

While it's nice to unwind on the weekends, most of us can't count on a tech-free two days. To protect your Macbook from weekend wear-and-tear, snap on a Grip so you don't have to worry about scratches and dirt. Whether you're using your laptop to watch workout videos or shop for active wear, you'll sweat (or spend) easy knowing that the Grip has side vents and raised feet to keep the computer from overheating.

Reebok ZQuick

If you're not into the whole barefoot running craze, and unless you already have sneakers on your feet, your weekend bag will need a pair of good running shoes. Reebok's newest model, the ZQuick is a mere 8.4 ounces and features both horizontal and vertical flex grooves that make them easier to conform to small spaces. When it comes to the run experience, the ZQuick is designed to perform like ZRated tires typically found on foreign high-end sports cars.