Top Adventure Destinations For Summer

You've saved up your hard-earned money and vacation time, now it all comes down to this; where are you going to go?[slideshow:1403]

Maybe you should opt for the always-popular beach vacation, or you might, instead choose the often overlooked mountain town, but if you're really looking to satisfy your appetite for adventure, you'll need a truly thrilling destination.

A big part of the excitement of travel is going somewhere you've never been, so consider branching out this summer with one of our top destinations. As the weather heats up, it's time to make a decision. We've outlined 10 of the most adventurous destinations, sure to please any outdoor adventurer.

From Arizona to Morocco, these are the top adventure spots you should get to this summer.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Remote adventure awaits in the high peaks of the unspoiled Atlas Mountains. The impressive North African range is a haven for trekkers looking for a challenge and a truly unique experience. The Berber villages that dot the mountains are home to trekking guides and ancient traditions like carpet weaving. From the bustling ancient city of Marrakech, Toubkal National Park isn't far off; it's home to the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, Toubkal and is a gateway to other adventures like ski mountaineering, rock climbing and even mountain biking on worn in mule paths.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Towering peaks dip into lush valleys as alpine lakes, rivers and glaciers dot the landscape. This is the Wanaka region of New Zealand, Queenstown's lesser-known counterpart, a must-visit adventure area for those looking to escape some of the more touristy areas of New Zealand. Explore the stunning Mt. Aspiring National Park, take in the views by sky diving or paragliding, enjoy the pristine lakes by kayak or take in the town that hasn't yet been overrun by tourism.

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