Top 8 Secret Ski Spots In North America

Injury, dismemberment and death aside, nothing—and I mean not one single other thing—will ruin a perfect day on the slopes quicker than a crowd... except maybe a crowd that doesn't know how to ski.

That may seem bitter and sour and non-inclusive but rest assured, we're speaking from experience. We've broken equipment (and rented new stuff), we've been through less than perfect conditions and though we weren't there, we heard Jackson Hole ran out of Snake River beer that one time. Do we let that ruin our day? Hell no—well, the beer is pretty essential, actually. [slideshow:887]

For those who haven't yet had the horrific experience, a crowded ski slope is more aggravating than an LA traffic jam and a wailing baby on an international flight—combined. It's also extremely dangerous. There is a reason mountains outline responsibility codes, and it's not because they're bored. Dear guy parked on your butt in the middle of the run, did you not read it or do you just not care?

The reason for these codes is so everyone can share the mountain safely. That's hard to do when there are approximately 600,000 people on one trail.

Skiing and snowboarding are a lot like golf. Fringe sports with a drinking subculture, and do you know when it's best to play golf? In the late afternoon, when the players are drunk and the course is empty. Unfortunately, there is no designated time slot for snow sports so we're forced to battle the crowd—or are we?

If buying your own mountain isn't in your budget and you're not into skiing at midnight with a headlamp, than you'll need to break with the well-known resorts. We've got you covered.

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