The Top 10 Longboard Surfing Spots

A world-class surfer and professional longboarder, Zack Howard has traveled the world competing in surf contests and searching for perfect waves. As a top 10 ASP Longboard World Tour surfer for more than a decade, Howard is more than qualified to asses the world's best waves for longboarding.

Here's a run-down on Zack Howard's favorite longboarding waves:

1. First Point in Malibu, California is famous for its perfection. The right point break is the quintessential toes-on-the-nose longboard wave and Zack's hometown wave.
First Point

2. The break at Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia can be fickle and inconsistent, but when it's good, it's really good. The series of right points are epic when the winds and swell line up.
Noosa Heads

3. The waves at Makaha in Oahu, Hawaii, have long been popular with longboarders and big wave surfers. Today it's less famous than the waves to the north, but produces some of the best waves in Hawaii.
Perfect Wave

4. It's a long bumpy dirt road to Scorpion Bay in Baja California, Mexico, but if you like surfing long, perfect right point breaks, then this wave is worth the journey south of the border.

5. A surfing mecca, Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, has three main breaks that are popular for longboarding. The waves are known to be long and fun for nose riding.
Byron Bay

6. Longboarders rule the waves at San Onofre in California. The three main breaks offer long and mellow rights and are best on a south swell.
San Onofre

7. One of Waikiki's most famous breaks, Queens on the south shore of Oahu in Hawaii offers long rides and plenty of time to hang ten.
Freedom Surf Contest

8. The North Shore's Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii is famous for big wave surfing, which might not be an ideal wave for your average longboarding surfer, but world-class longboarders love the challenge.
Sunset Beach

9. Mala Wharf in Maui, Hawaii is one of the best longboarding waves on the island. On a strong south swell, fun lefts break off the old wharf over a reef bottom.
Last of the summer swell

10. Cardiff in California might be one of the best longboard waves on the planet. Depending on the swell, you can score epic lefts at Suckouts or perfect rights at Cardiff Reef.