Tips For Handling Your Hangover After Cinco De Mayo

We've all been there—you have a little too much tequila on Cinco de Mayo and suddenly you waste the entire next day writhing in bed (if you're lucky enough to spend the day in bed). Don't waste the next day, avoid some of the pain and get back on your feet with a few of these tips for handling your hangover.

Water—this clear liquid cure-all is key for both prevention and recovery. Drink water with each drink the night before and space those drinks out to avoid a hangover entirely and if you don't do that, drink water the next day to rehydrate and offset those awful symptoms.

Other Drinks—if you're looking for something besides water, ginger ale could be a good choice for soothing your stomach and some juices could be good for replenishing vitamins, but experts are split on coffee. The caffeinated drink might dehydrate you further, but this beverage is a big help in relieving headaches for some people. One thing is for sure though, doctors warn against continuing to drink alcohol, saying it will only be worse later on.

Toast and Crackers—these bland carbohydrates can be a good choice for a hangover, as they bring blood sugar levels back up without taxing your taste buds and making you nauseous.

Other foods—there are a ton of foods that people swear help cure hangovers and each person's hangover is unique. In general, though, experts say if you're craving something like greasy food you should have it. Food will help more before you start drinking all that alcohol, but even on the morning after it's a good idea to replenish your system.

Pills—If your head is pounding the next morning, you might want to reach for a pain killer, just make sure it's aspirin or ibuprofen and not an acetaminophen-based pill. Acetaminophen has been shown to be dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

Other Methods—when it comes to hangover cures, everyone has their own interesting method. Cold wash cloths are typically good for managing headaches and oddly enough Pedialyte Freezer Pops (yes, the ones for kids) can help bring you back from dehydration. Light exercise, like yoga or walking, helps some people and strange foods help others. If you have the ability and luxury to sleep it off, that's typically the best idea.

The only thing really proven to cure a hangover is time, though the above tips can certainly help alleviate the symptoms. The best way to deal with a hangover is in prevention, so be sure to space your alcoholic beverages out and drink plenty of water.