How To Make The Most Of Spring Weather

The temperature starts rising and the sun stays out just a bit longer each night. Flowers bloom and rain falls. Springtime is breaking up the winter blues and it's the perfect excuse to enjoy things you haven't been able to do for months. Read that book you've been putting off, soak up some vitamin D and kickstart your spring cleaning.

We've rounded up activities you can do indoors and outdoors to make the most of sunny days and of course those rainy ones.

Take a walk

Not only is taking a walk one of the best exercises for weight loss, but it also is the perfect way to take in the new greenery appearing around you and feel the warmth of the sun without wearing 10 layers of wool.

Read a book

There's something so romantic about curling up with a new book — or an old favorite — while the rain hits the windows. Who knows, maybe by the time your coffee cup is empty and you're a few chapters in the rain will subside.

Complete a DIY project

Pinterest boards are great, but chances are you're pinning more projects than you're actually completing. Use rainy weather as your excuse to stay in and craft. By the end of the day, you might have a newfound hobby.

Pick up some fresh blooms

Rainy spring days might be a bummer, but the flowers that pop up as a result of the precipitation are worth it. Gather some buds on your walk, purchase a bouquet at the local florist or plant your own seeds to start a beginner's garden.

Open your windows

After being shut in all winter with the heat cranked high, it'll be a welcome feeling to let that cool breeze waft through your house come the start of spring.

Break out the grill

Marinate some steaks, prep a salad and cut up some veggies. When warmer weather rolls in, pull out the grill and cook your dinner outdoors for a change of pace.

Get ahead on spring cleaning

There's something about the warm weather that spurs people into action when it comes to decluttering. Open the windows, turn some music on and clean the dirtiest places in your home. Your house isn't the only thing that could use some spring cleaning — try clearing out your emails for a fresh start on your digital life too.

Find a bike trail

If you'd like a low-impact workout that's a bit more aerobic than walking, inflate the tires on that bike collecting dust in your garage and hit the trails. Don't have trails nearby? Find the roads that have designated bike paths for a safe ride.

Pack a picnic

Rather than buying a meal to-go and eating it on a park bench, pack your own picnic complete with all the season's freshest fruits and veggies. Throwback to your childhood and add retro snacks like fluffernutter sandwiches and ants on a log for easy finger foods.

Visit a state or national park

Beat the summer heat and visit some of the most beautiful places in state and national parks before temperatures and humidity get too high to enjoy them. Pack the right gear and give yourself enough time for a long hike to spot wildlife and enjoy the scenic views.

Play a game of golf

It's finally warm enough to get back out on the course again. Keep in mind, however, that turf might be slow-growing and aeration might disrupt your game a bit. Not a golf fan? Head to the park and play softball or outdoor basketball.

Go fishing

Gone is the need to carve a hole into the ice for the catch of the day. Professional fishermen and amateurs alike can enjoy temperatures above freezing as they wait for a tug on their lines.

Add seasonal fruits and veggies to your meals

Strawberries and broccoli and carrots, oh my. There is a plethora of produce that is freshest in the spring. Take advantage of lower prices and better-tasting fruits and vegetables this season.

Have a rainy day movie marathon

Is there anything better than staying in comfortable clothes all day curled up on the couch watching movies? Don't let rainy days get you down. Instead, watch that TV show you've been dying to see or add some classic films to your Netflix queue. Save the activity for another day, but you can plot what famous movie locations you'd like to visit throughout your viewing.

Workout outdoors

After months of layering up for outdoor runs or sticking to the same machines in the gym, you can finally shed the layers and switch up your routine. Do a body-weight exercise in the sun or enjoy a run that doesn't make your eyes tear up from the chilly wind.


The scent of sugary dough and chocolate drifting through the house is enough to cheer anyone up on a gloomy spring day. Try a new recipe or whip up an old classic with these tips to take your recipe to the next level.

Play board games

Board games are a great idea for families who have been cooped up inside all day. Let each child pick their favorite and set up the kitchen table for a fun-filled afternoon. Have a house full of adults? Test your mixology skills and add some cocktails to the mix.


What's spring cleaning without a little reorganization? You've already gotten rid of stuff you don't use anymore. The shelves are dusted and the windows are cleaned. Now it's time to rethink the way you store various items with some home organizing hacks. Declutter your home office by opting to go paperless with your bills. Purchase new bins and boxes for all the loose items in your closets and cabinets.

Get your finances in order

OK, so this one isn't as fun as going on a bike ride or playing board games, but it's a necessary step in managing your money. Taking the time to organize your finances and make needed alterations to your budget is best left to a rainy day and what better time than around tax time?

Have an at-home spa day

Protecting your skin against harsh weather conditions is important, but winter isn't the only time you should be giving yourself facials and applying all the right moisturizers and balms. Check your kitchen for supplies like sugar, lemons, coconut oil or honey to make your own exfoliating scrub. If you have essential oils or dried herbs, put a little bit in water that is near boiling for a DIY facial steam.