Take A Walk Over The First Hanging Bridge In The Swiss Alps

Tourism in the Alps is about to reach entirely new heights. Glacier 3000, the company that operates several ski lifts and cable cars in Western Switzerland, just announced they are building the first hanging bridge in the world that will connect two peaks.

[photo: Glacier 3000]

The bridge, appropriately named 'Peak Walk' will offer visitors an incredible view of the Alps from an entirely new extreme. Hanging 9,700 feet up in the Swiss Alps, the bridge will have part glass floor for a frightening yet beautiful view.  The 107m hanging bridge is estimated to cost 1.8 million Swiss francs for construction. And while that amount of money may seem extreme, this bridge is announced as the first of it's kind, and is predicted to be an engineering phenomenon.

Located in the canton of Vaud, between Glacier 3000 peak and Scex Rouge Peak, the bridge will be open year round, and is expected to be finished in November of this year. Free admission is sure to have the tourists flock, well, at least the ones that don't mind the death-defying bottomless views. 

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