Surfing Made Easy: Just Choose A School

Surfing isn't as easy as you might think—it can take years to perfect the art. The ocean is unpredictable, the waves are moving, the current can be strong and balancing on a surfboard is difficult. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn to surf.

Don' be a kook, take a lesson. There are great surf schools on every coast with experienced and trained instructors that will hopefully get you up and riding on your first day. Most beach destinations have surf schools, but if you're going to learn, you might as well learn from some of the best instructors at the best beginner breaks. 

Montauk, New York

CoreysWave has been lauded as the best surf school on the entire East Coast. Corey Senese and his team of professional instructors teach surfing lessons in Montauk and the greater Hamptons Region in New York. Lessons are tailored to each student's ability and include on-land instruction, surfing etiquette and technique.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most famous surf destinations in the world, best known for the monster waves that batter the North Shore of Oahu. But there are also great beginner spots in Hawaii. If you want to learn to surf, head to Maui and take a private surf lesson with Zack Howard Surf. Zack Howard is a world-class professional surfer and former lifeguard. Lessons are tailored for beginner to advanced surfers, and all surfers are guaranteed personal attention, the highest caliber of instruction and, as you'd expect, a good time.

Punta Mita, Mexico

The warm water, mellow vibe and fun waves in Punta Mita, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta) make it a great learn-to-surf destination, not to mention the post-surf comida options. Take a lesson with Punta Mita local Josue Villegas' Tranquilo Surf Adventures. There are numerous reef breaks in the area and a long sand-bottom wave in the bay. Your surf instructor will guide you to the best waves for the day and provide a solid foundation of surfing skills.

La Jolla, California

Surf Diva in La Jolla, California is the world's most famous female surf school, but this school isn't just for women anymore. The surf school includes corporate retreats, co-ed group lessons and paddle boarding instruction. And the San Diego-based Surf Divas also has locations in Los Angeles and Costa Rica.