Sick Of Buying Gear? Outdoor Exchange Is The Answer

We've all been there. Walking into an outdoor gear store, and immediately feeling frustrated by the overpriced goods that we only need for the weekend. Going kayaking for the first time? Well, you better have some extra cash to burn, because it can be quite pricey.

But, living among subscription based companies such as Netflix, Zipcar, and Spotify, renting and sharing have become an easier and cheaper way to get what we need. And preparing for a hike up in the Catskills should be no different. A New Jersey-based company called Outdoor Exchange (OX) saw this problem in the outdoor community, and decided to make a change.

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I chatted with Adam Hackett, head of Marketing at Outdoor Exchange, to find out exactly how Outdoor Exchange works.

It all started on a beautiful September day in 2010, when Hackett and friends decided they wanted to go fly-fishing. As they did their research, they quickly realized it would cost close to $750 just to get in the water and they knew there had to be a better way. The following summer, the crew purchased a kayak, and the adventures ensued. Upon speaking to friends and family of their adventures, a common interest was there but two questions were always asked, "Where can you go kayaking in North Jersey? How much did the kayak cost?" And Hackett explained that this is how it all happened,  "The OX was born. Now you can get gear without the large price tag, the inspiration to get outdoors, and the information to help you do it."

The OX is a subscription-based gear company that provides great gear to it's members in easy, affordable access. Their mission is get people outdoors, without the hassle of buying extensive gear. The OX has members all throughout the country and ships items directly to them. "There are three different subscription levels," Hackett explains. "The base level is $200 yearly membership. With the base membership a member receives one free rental per week for the entire year. Addition rental items are very inexpensive, approx. 20% MSRP. Once the member's week is over, he or she returns the item(s), then they can reserve another item the next week. 2nd level is $350 with 2 free rentals per week. 3rd level is $500 per year with 4 free rentals per week."

OX is partnered with manufacturers and brands that supply them with the gear. When members rent this gear they can sign waivers or choose insurance options, too.

The company has created a simple way for people to get great products right to their doorstep. But more than the accessibility, and the affordability, OX's main mission is to give people ample opportunity to get outdoors.

It is important to experience new things in life, discover new ways to bond with family and friends, and to stay active throughout your life. If we can able people, that would never have gone hiking or kayaking or camping, to get outdoors and experience how much fun it is, we are happy. The experiences that a person gets from outdoor activities are priceless. Even if it means having a backyard BBQ with friends.  O ya... we even have bouncy houses, backyard games, and other backyard fun items.

For more information or to learn how to become a member, visit Outdoor Exchange.

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