VIDEO: Pro Kayaker And Doctor Jessie Stone's Work In Uganda

On her first visit to Uganda, professional kayaker and doctor Jessie Stone quickly realized that her relationship with the country would go beyond riding its whitewater.

When one of Stone's companions on the trip, Eric Jackson, came down with malaria, Stone began to wonder about how the nearby villagers dealt with the epidemic. A "50-hut survey" led her to the discovery that no one had a mosquito net and that at least one child in each family had died from the disease.

When the trip was over, Stone returned to her parent's home in New York, where she worked to raise $25,000 for a new nonprofit called Softpower Health. She then returned to Uganda and built a clinic.

Today Softpower Health's services stretch beyond malaria to many other diseases and especially to family planning.

The video above, made by outdoor adventure photographer Trevor Clark, tells the story of Stone's adventure and her mission today.

Via The Cleanest Line.