Places You're Most Likely To Be Attacked By A Shark In The U.S.

Let's get this out of the way: shark attacks are extremely rare. The odds that you'll be attacked by a shark are precisely one in 11.5 million, according to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File. [slideshow:1417]

With those odds, you are more likely to be killed by a bear, a dog, or a tornado than a shark. In fact, it's more likely that a human would bite and kill you. Meanwhile, humans kill upwards of 100 million sharks each year.

No need for us humans to worry right?

While your chances of getting attacked by a shark are incredibly slim, there are some spots in the U.S. where those odds might come into question. In "the shark attack capital of the world," for example, the International Shark Attack File predicts that any swimmer in the area is likely to have come within 10 feet of a shark at some point. If that doesn't make you think twice about getting into the water there, nothing will.

As you head to the coast for summer vacation, the slim possibility of a shark attack might be in the back of your mind. Chances are you've got nothing to worry about, but just in case, you should probably know where most shark attacks happen in the U.S.

#10 Horry County, South Carolina

North Carolina may be the state that's currently in the spotlight, with several recent attacks, but South Carolina has seen more shark attacks over the years and Horry County is home to much of the activity. In the county that's home to Myrtle Beach, there have been 29 shark attacks in recorded history (since 1837), according to the International Shark Attack File and luckily none of those were fatal.

#9 St. Lucie County, Florida

Florida is, without a doubt, the state that sees the most shark attacks in the country and St. Lucie County is one of the spots that helps put the state at the top of the list. The area has a recorded 30 attacks, none of which were fatal, but recent shark sightings have caused major beach closures in the area.

8 other Places You're Most Likely to be Attacked by a Shark in the U.S.

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