The Most Spectacular Kayak Fishing Destinations In The U.S.

It's tough to beat the odd sensation of serenity and thrill you experience while kayak fishing. The closeness to the water, the tug of the line and the pride that comes with a great catch is hard to beat. If you're wondering where to go to take in the sights and the fish, look no further. From Hawaii to Maryland, reel in some impressive fish in these stellar spots.

Kona Coast—Hawaii
Nicknamed "the Land of the Giants," kayak fishing on the Kona Coast is an experience like no other. When you're ready to step up and fish some huge tuna and grey snapper, come prepared, as there are also tiger sharks in the area. For experienced paddlers, though, the Kona Coast offers big rewards and incredible scenery.

Deer Creek Conservation Area—Maryland
This serene spot is off limits to motorized boats and perfect for anglers that are just getting started or those looking for a relaxing day out on the water. Teeming with trout, largemouth bass and other species, this clear, calm reservoir makes for a great trip.  

Photo of Devils River, courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Devils River—Texas
Not for the inexperienced or the fisher who needs high-end accommodations, kayak fishing this wild and isolated spot is a real treat with the right mindset. Devils River is one of the most ecologically intact waterways in the state of Texas and they do a lot to keep it that way. Everything you bring with you, you must take when you leave and the Texas Parks and Wildlife website says the trip is "strenuous" and suggested only for "experienced paddlers equipped to spend at least three days in a remote area."

Indian River Lagoon—Florida
When it comes to saltwater kayaking fishing, it's tough to beat the great spots in Florida and the Indian River Lagoon is a prime example. On Florida's east coast, this national scenic byway offers access to tarpon, speckled trout and, the popular redfish. Lively year-round, there are campsites and attractions all around this awesome spot.

Photo of Okmulgee Lake, courtesy of Thomas & Dianne Jones.

Okmulgee Lake—Oklahoma
This no frills kayak fishing spot has it all—lots of lake, beautiful scenery and plenty of fish. Reel in catfish, sunfish, spotted bass and largemouth and smallmouth bass, among others. You can easily access the lake from a small dock on the east side of the lake and campsites afford you a multi-day trip.