The Most Photographed Bridge In The World Is The Golden Gate Bridge

America is famous for many iconic landmarks and tourist attractions, from the Statue of Liberty to Mount Rushmore. It's even home to Disneyland, the most Instragrammed place in the world. But no visit to the West Coast would be complete without stopping to visit an architectural marvel and what is said to be the most photographed bridge in the world: the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The Most Photogenic Vacation Spot in Every State

According to the Bank of America, who financed the building of this structure, the Golden Gate Bridge is considered the most photographed bridge on Earth. The Golden Gate is the strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, and the bright red-orange suspension bridge that spans it has become an iconic symbol of California. The bridge's striking hue of "international orange" is continually touched up by a team of more than 30 bridge painters.

Described as "the bridge that couldn't be built" because of the forces working against it, the Golden Gate Bridge was successfully completed in 1937. It's considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Visitors can walk, hike and bike around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area as well as take a free guided tour to learn more about this man-made American marvel. The Golden Gate Bridge is a great family-friendly attraction as well as one of the 50 places you should visit before you turn 50.