Most Inspiring U.S. Olympic Athletes On Instagram

Aja Evans—@ajalevans

On Instagram, most of us are all, "hey look at this great sandwich I just ate." Meanwhile, Aja Evans is sharing the exciting news of her acceptance to the U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team. "Words cannot express how this feels," she wrote. "I can't wait to represent my country and show them what I am truly capable of!"

Corey Butner—@corybutner

Corey Butner is one of the United States' top bobsled pilots, and his Instagram gives fans a great glimpse of just how passionate he is about the sport. A few clicks through his feed depicts his fun and exciting lead up to Sochi, including award ceremonies, team meetings, his decked-out  bobsled (aka his "baby"), and finally, his arrival at the Olympic Village.

Jocelyne Lamoureux—@jocelyneusa17

A fun mixture of everything from ice rink shots, #throwbackthursday photos, and a colorful showcase of some truly epic jerseys, Jocelyne Lamoureux's profile offers a rare glimpse into the everyday life of an especially impressive hockey player. She's a three-time world champion, 2010 Olympic silver medalist, and will help carry the U.S. Women's Olympic Hockey Team with her twin sister Monique in Sochi this year.

JR Celski—@celskeet

With Apollo Ohno out of the picture, J.R. Celski is this year's favorite for U.S. men's short track speed skating. Some say he's America's best hope for a short track medal, so the pressure is on. But Celski doesn't seem worried, after all he's been practicing almost his entire life. "After I started skating, I realized I didn't like running anymore because I couldn't go as fast," he captioned this adorable shot from his early skating days.

Kelly Clark—@kellyclarkfdn

Ask any snowboard fan and they'll tell you that Kelly Clark is arguably the best female halfpipe snowboarder around. But what some might not know is that she's also one of the best action-shot-instagrammers on the Net. A flip through her feed will open your eyes to some of Clark's awesome aerial views through the lens of her handy helmet cam.

Sophie Caldwell—@sophiecaldwell

If the Winter Olympics have you dreaming of steep slopes and snowy mountain landscapes then you'll find plenty of inspiration among the pages of Nordic skier Sophie Caldwell's profile. Caldwell shares snapshots of everything from her intense cross training sessions and early-morning workout adventures to fun times with her teammates, and almost every photo is set amidst an incredibly scenic backdrop.

Ted Ligety—@ted_ligety

Of course Ted Ligety knows a thing or two about being inspirational; he's a four-time world champion and an Olympic gold medalist. His profile has no shortage of some seriously sick ski shots. Plus he's got a great sense of humor too. His bio reads: "I don't always bash gates but when I do I prefer giant slalom."

U.S. Snowboarding Team—@ussnowboarding

Everyone is on social media now, even the U.S. Snowboard Team. It's a good thing too, because as one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports, they've got plenty of fans to please. With a feed full of action-packed air shots and exciting terrain tricks they do a good job of satisfying their follower's cravings for extreme snow. 

Sarah Hendrickson—@schendrickson

Thanks to the Internet, it's much more common that we get behind-the-scenes snapshots of well, everything really. But honestly, how often do we get to see the most elite parts of a top athletes training program? Ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson loves sharing details of her intense workouts on Instagram, including this training session in a wind tunnel simulator. 

Julia Mancuso—@juliamancuso

Next time you complain that it's too cold outside to exercise, try mustering up some motivation by taking a look at alpine skier Julia Mancuso's photo feed. Good thing she loves to ski because if she wants to win, she has to hit the slopes no matter what. "This is what it takes to have our job! Yep! Coverup if u wanna go fast," she captioned this photo.