Killer Climbs: The Deadliest Mountains In The World

In the past months, unfortunate news seemingly continues to stream in about missing hikers and eventual pronounced deaths. Mountains are massive, and atop sit gorgeous peaks that attract adventure seekers and risk takers alike. [slideshow:1183]

We see in photos the gorgeous panoramic views taken from helicopters that seem ungraspable to the naked eye. But there are daring and courageous individuals that believe they can find those views on their own two-feet. These are the individuals we hear incredible and inspiring stories about. Reaching summit on the highest mountains in the world from Everest to K2 are extraordinary feats. But are these treks worth the great dangers that lie along the routes?

These mountains take the lives of sometimes dozens of people a year. Accidents can occur at any second, and what is there to do when an unexpected avalanche hits, or a rock falls from above. These deadly mountains have become home to many missing bodies, and lost souls. But for those who do reach the top they are rewarded with arguably the highest sense of accomplishment any man or woman can achieve.

Mont Blanc Massif

Located in the Graian Alps through France, Italy, and Switzerland, this mountain has the highest summit in the Alps. The mountain is crossed by an 11.6 km tunnel that connects Italy to France. This tunnel is infamous for a deadly accident that occurred in 1999 when a fire through the tunnel killed 39 people.


In north-central Nepal sits Annapurna, a section of the Himalayas among the world's most dangerous mountains to climb. With over 60 fatalities and a fatality rate of 32%, this mountain has the highest fatality to summit ratio of any mountain over 8000 metres. Last month (October 2014) at least 39 people were announced dead as result of snowstorms and avalanches.

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