Keep Bugs Away From Your Summer BBQ

The time has finally come. All around the U.S. people are stocking up on hot dogs and hamburgers to prepare for the best BBQing weekend of the summer, 4th of July. Nothing beats spending time outside in the backyard or park with your friends and family enjoying the lovely summer weather along with some delicious foods. And nothing should ruin the glorious day, especially some pesky little bugs.

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Aside from loading up on the best bug sprays, there are some great ways to keep bugs away from your summer BBQ. We chatted with Janine Robertson, a representative at Insect Shield® . Insect Shield® is the first EPA-registered insect-repellent apparel. Their technology provides effective, odorless protection against all types of bugs including mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, and more of those summer pests. They offer various types of products that range for camping, the beach, pets, and equestrians. Their website assures that their products are "the difference between 'I had a great time' and 'the bugs were terrible'".

And that statement is all too true. Bugs can and will be the dominating factor in your enjoyment of the outdoors whether it be a summer BBQ or a deep woods adventure. Robertson and I discussed this issue and how to prevent those bugs from ruining your day. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep bugs (especially mosquitoes) from ruining your BBQ, without using bug spray.

1. Try Insect Shield® Clothing & Outdoor Blankets. As previously mentioned, this gear really does the trick. Everything from hats and socks to outdoor blankets. The gear will keep away the critters, without having to continually re-apply bug spray all day. "Insect Shield's EPA-registered technology converts clothing and gear into effective and convenient insect protection. The repellency is long-lasting (lasts through 70 washings) and appropriate for use by the entire family with no restrictions for use" Robertson adds.

2. Keep trash covered. Always keep the lids on trash cans. This will keep bugs away from the trash, and will keep water out of the trash. Water (especially standing water) is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

3. No puddles/water allowed. Cover or fill any places in your yard where a puddle could form to prevent standing water.

4. Clean drains and gutters. Keep gutters and drains on your property clean, removing any leaves so that water can not build up.

5. Keep bird baths and planters fresh. Change the water in your bird baths and empty your drip trays at least once a week.

6. Cut the grass. Keep the grass in your yard cut short, so that adult mosquitoes will not hide in it.

7. Wear lighter clothing. Darker clothing attracts the sunlight, therefore creating body heat, which attracts bugs and mosquitoes.

8. Use a fan. Stay cool while blowing mosquitoes away. Put a small electric fan on the picnic table and mosquitoes won't be able to fly into the wind.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your BBQ without bug spray or citronella candles. While both prove to be effective, sometimes you just want to sit back and relax without the added worry of keeping an eye on a candle or re-applying spray every so often. By keeping your yard clean and clear of water traps, such as above, you can sit back and smile, bug-free. Or just throw on Insect Shield® shirt, head outside and enjoy the sweet summertime. 

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