Staying Healthy, And Sane, In Flight (Infographic)

Somebody once said "the journey is the destination."  He or she may have been correct in a big-picture, philosophical sense, but they probably weren't thinking about modern air travel.  

That journey is fraught with trouble.  First, you share a lot of germs with your fellow travelers. If you're not careful, a stomach bug or sinus infection can ruin the whole trip.  Then there are the lesser issues that can get things off to a rough start: dehydration, jet lag, decreased circulation, air that's too cold or too warm or too dry, crying babies who won't let you sleep, airline food, and time changes. It's enough to make you think twice about embarking on the journey in the first place.

The infographic below takes you through each step of your trip: pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight. It advises you on what to pack, what to wear, how to stay hydrated and how to keep your circulation activated during the flight, among other things.  

Via Greatist.