Infographic: How To Pick Your Downhill Skis

If you weren't so fortunate as to pop out of the womb on a pair of skis (or, you know, just take an apres family vacation before the age of 12...angrily looking at you, parents), the first time you found out that there were actually types of skis, it probably blew your mind a little. And if were so unfortunate as to be surrounded by powder hounds when that day came, you probably just pretended to know what everyone was talking about (looking angrily again at you, parents).

Well, the folks at REI want to make sure that you'll never be that unfortunate, and have done so by putting together a handy-dandy guide to downhill skis. The type, what they're best for and your sizing are all on there, so read and learn. (Click to enlarge)

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Gearing up to make some turns? Check out REI's infographic, How to Choose Downhill Skis.