Happy 'Go Skateboarding Day'

Today is the 10th annual worldwide Go Skateboarding Day. Loosely organized by the skateboard industry to raise awareness for the sport and raise funds for youth scholarships, this isn't a very complicated holiday. Just get out and ride. Every year on June 21, organized events around the world give skaters a place to enter contests, contribute to fundraisers, win swag, congregate and skate. Click the map below to find an event near you.

Skate shoe and apparel brand Emerica is hosting one such event in Detroit today. Even if you're nowhere near the Motor City, Emerica is also hosting a worldwide photo contest to commemerate the day. Just send in your best Skateboarding Day pictures for a chance to win a pair of shoes.

We don't often cover skateboarding here at The Active Times, but we did just interview world-record-holder David Cornthwaite, who rode a longboard across the continent of Austrailia. We also recently covered the latest antics of "Jackass" star and pro skater Bam Margera, although there were no skateboards involved (hint: his stunt involved a tandem kayak and a hernia operation).

We're not going to pretend to be any more into skateboarding that we actually are, but will instead leave you with this sweet video in honor of the occasion—a little bungee-powered culvert sufing from Spain.