Haunted Places To Tour: New York's Grand Central Station

Of all the presidential pets, from George Washington's horse Nelson to Barack Obama's dogs Bo and Sunny, Franklin D. Roosevelt's pup Fala may have the most interesting life — and afterlife — story. The ghost of the Scottish terrier supposedly haunts New York City's Grand Central Station.

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FDR received Fala as an early Christmas gift from his cousin and closest companion Margaret "Daisy" Suckley in November 1940. He was named after a Scottish ancestor, John Murray of Falahill. The dog traveled with FDR often, accompanying him nearly everywhere — even to the grave. He is buried next to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York.

But before his death in 1945, FDR was diagnosed with polio and, when in private, used a special wheelchair he designed himself. To hide his ailment during travel in New York City, a custom five-car train with armored plating on the outside and cream-colored woodwork on the inside was built. This brought him from Grand Central Terminal to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

And, of course, Fala was by his side. But for some reason, the dog's soul may not be at rest. Rumor has it the Scotty dog still appears in Grand Central Station to this day looking for his master. People who are there late at night have reportedly spotted him roaming. So train travelers, be on the lookout for the cutest ghost you'll ever see. However, the apparitions may not be so cuddly at these other haunted attractions you can actually visit this year.