Feature Friday: A Rocker Who Loves To Run

Every Friday we chat with one of our blog content network contributors to find out what most inspires them to be fit and find adventure every day.

This week we're chatting with Diane from RunninRocker.com

Diane is a half-marathon-running mom who's completed 30 13.1-mile races since May of 2012. She loves spending time outside, rocking out (duh) and blogging about all her athletic and adventurous experiences.

Read on to find out what she loves most about running and learn more about her blog.
—Katie Rosenbrock 

The Active Times: How did you first become involved with running?
Diane: I first became involved in running half marathons in 2012.  I had enjoyed running a few 10k's and mentioned to my husband that I kind of wanted to try a half marathon. That was all it took!  He would not let up even though he wasn't a runner at the time.  We started training in January of 2012 and signed up for our first half marathon, May 2012.  From the moment I crossed that finish line, I've been hooked! I will never forget how I felt after that first half! I have run 30 half marathons since then and am having a blast!

What spurred you to start your blog?
I decided to start my blog after I had been on Twitter for a few months. I was having such a great time connecting with other runners, sharing tips and tricks. I liked being able to go to their blogs and read much more than 140 characters allowed.  Since I've had my blog up, I have really enjoyed being able to share my experiences with others.  I feel like sharing first-hand experience is wonderful because we can't all be in the same places and do the same things.  We all have something to offer. The more we share the more we learn!  We all come across different training techniques or recoveries or races we enjoy.  When we share these, we open more possibilities to others. I still enjoy communicating via Twitter and have now joined other social media platforms as well. but blogging is something I am very excited about.

How do you judge the success of your blog?
I judge the success of my blog by whether or not readers feel that the content encourages them to seek their passions toward enjoying a happy, healthy lifestyle.

What's the greatest joy you get from running?
The greatest joy I get out of Running is where it takes me. I can be in a new city and just start running and end up seeing the most interesting sights that I would not have come across if I wasn't on foot. I can be anywhere and just start exploring. A run many times turns into a hike which turns into breathtaking views. More times than not, my favorite part of a vacation is my very own running tour! 

Besides running, what other activities do you enjoy?
Other activities I enjoy, aside from running, are biking and hiking.  I enjoy being outside as much as possible.  I also take a few gym classes a week to work on core and strength.

What is your favorite quote, and what do you so like about it?
One of my favorite quotes is "It always seems impossible until it's done"- Nelson Mandela. This true sentence can be applied to all aspects of our lives.

What is top of your bucket list when it comes to running?
The top of my running bucket list, for now, is to participate in a destination trail race. I enjoy hiking and trail running but have never competed in a trail race. I like the idea of a destination trail race so I explore new areas.

What is your least favorite word?
My least favorite word is "regret". I never want to have to say that I lived my life with any kind of regret.

What would your life be like without running?
My life without running would still be an active life.  I've learned a lot since becoming a runner that I will carry with me always. So many things we learn along the way apply to different areas of our lives. I will always be active, pushing myself, learning, and growing.

Where is your favorite place to be?
My favorite place to be is In the Moment. I think that being in the moment, whatever that moment may be, is the best way to engage in living life to its fullest. 

Learn more about Diane at RunninRocker.com