An Everything Emergency Kit That Fits In Your Pocket

Camping, hiking, climbing, getting outside and actively engaging in the Great Outdoors can be dangerous. Even a careful climber can cut his or her knee, or a mindful camper can burn their hand in a fire. There are accidents, some bigger than others, that are bound to occur outside. Sometimes they are preventable, other times they will happen by complete surprise. But that's why preparation, for any type of emergency is key.

A company called Innovation Industries decided to take emergency and survival kits to a whole new level. Dave Bailie, founder and avid outdoorsman has made his living developing and producing products that make roughing it, a bit more comfortable.

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After years of ideas discussed over campfires, Bailie came up with The Survival Puck. Each Puck is made in the Washington Cascade Mountains by people who share the same outdoor enthusiasm as their customers. Their mission is to "make it easy for everyone to be prepared so that when an emergency strikes you and your loved ones can get through it as easily, safely, and comfortably as possible."

Innovation Industries stands by the promise that their survival pucks are designed to keep you ready during emergency, no matter the specific type. All pucks are light-weight and waterproof and come in six different types.

There's the Essentials Puck, packed full with a lock-blade folding knife, LED mini flashlight, lighter, signal whistle, magnetic compass, duct tape, aluminum wire, paracord, pencil, paper, safety pin, and aluminum foil. Innovations Industries chose these bare essentials needed for survival.

Fire Puck includes two lighters, 12 solid fuel tablets, aluminum foil, and a steel bar grate. This kit is designed to help you make a fire in the simplest way. Also, the steel bar grate can act as a stove so that you can cook a container over the fire you create.

There is also a Water Puck, which includes the essentials for water purification, a Light Puck to help light your way, a Medicine Puck to treat a wide variety of ailments, and a more basic First Aid Puck.

The Pucks store away easily, you can keep them in your car, your pack, or one in your back pocket. They are affordable too, ranging between $13 and $18 and still durable made with a stribg aluminum.

The Survival Puck is great for the minimalist for it's size, but also perfect for the less-seasoned hikers because it offers everything you need (even if you didn't know you needed it). These compact lifesavers are an inexpensive way to always be prepared.