Energy Boost, Weight Loss Help And 7 Other Benefits Of Drinking Water

Everyone knows they should be drinking more water, but most people don't know all of the reasons why. Athletes know they need water to reach and maintain peak performance and dieters know that water helps curb fleeting cravings, but the benefits of proper hydration don't end there.

We're all made up of about 60 percent water and though our bodies operate on autopilot for most of our needs, we are responsible for replenishing lost water. We know we need it to survive and that it helps our system in some vague way, but if everyone knew the specific benefits, they would likely drink more water.

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Read up on the great things water does for your body and then make proper hydration a habit.

#1 Hydration helps you reach your weight loss goals. Getting enough water helps you lose weight in three ways. Primarily, thirst can occasionally feel like hunger, a glass of water first could help you avoid eating when you're not actually hungry. Water also keeps your metabolism working properly and drinking enough water ensures you have the energy to exercise.

#2 Drinking enough water keeps you energized. Water helps the blood transport oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body, refueling energy stores. Fatigue is also a symptom of dehydration, so drinking fluids will help you avoid feeling sluggish.

#3 In addition to preventing dehydration, water helps prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Among its other jobs, water helps regulate your body's internal temperature‚ÄĒmaking it even more important to hydrate when you'll be out in the summer heat.

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#4 Water keeps your muscles at their best. Proper hydration helps prevent muscle cramps, in addition to ensuring oxygen is delivered to the muscles quickly and efficiently.

#5 Staying hydrated is good for your joints. Joint health is important, especially for athletes. Water helps cushion and protect joints.

#6 Water cleanses the body. Your kidneys need water to remove toxins from your body, so forget the gimmicky cleanses and opt for water and a lemon wedge.  

#7 Drinking water makes skin look and feel good. When you're getting enough water, your skin is able to keep its elasticity and natural glow. People often forget that skin is an organ too, and therefore, needs water.

#8 Want to stay healthy or fight off the flu? Drink water. Water helps the immune system function at full force. There's a reason doctors advise "drinking plenty of fluids" when you're not feeling so great.

#9 Water helps fight dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause everything from bad breath to an increase in cavities, water helps your mouth maintain a good, clean balance.

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