Crazy Camping: 9 Outrageous Tents Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

Everyone has their own versions of camping. Whether it be loading up the RV with the family, sleeping in a bivy under the stars, or the new trend of glamping, spending time outside is a universal pleasure. But, the most recognizable way to enjoy the great outdoors, is setting up camp with your favorite tent. [slideshow:1041]

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Ranging in sizes, weights and materials, tents have found a place in the hearts of many. While they have always been the popular form of camping, today they are specialized to fit your exact camping needs. For the minimalist, you can find a simple, lightweight tent to carry in your pack, or for those wanting to set up a camp for a larger number of people, there are plenty of multiple room tent options.

With more and more tents being made to fit specific needs, the innovative and unique designs stand out bolder than some of the well-recognized types. And some tents are so unique, that they border the line of absolutely outrageous. And who wouldn't want to camp in an outrageous tent.

These 9 tents may be outrageous, but they prove just how innovative the tent can be. From roof tents to inflatable tents to tents designed to tents that look like watermelons, these tents make camping fun and a bit easier to set up.

All of these tents have a similar goal in mind, to make your tent camping experience unique, memorable, and fun. They are all available for purchase and will protect you from the outside elements while you to enjoy your outdoor adventure.

The deep smell of smoky wood among the fresh scent of crisp green, the sound of crickets singing in the distance, the bright specks of light shining up ahead. Camping is an activity that everyone should experience. And if you aren't comfortable with the idea of a simple A-Frame tent, these 9 tents might just be your answer. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors, no matter what type of outrageous sleeping shelter you decide to stay in.

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