Camping Hack: How To Make A Soda Can Camp Stove

Out in the wilderness, the simple amenity of a single burner on a stove is very hard to come by. That is, unless you know how to make your own. After recently discussing some of the

handiest camping hacks, we discovered the Soda Can Camp Stove. This compact, lightweight, and simple burner, is an easy way to take a stove on-the-go, and have a nice hot meal after a long day of hiking. Or, if you aren't hitting the trails any time soon, this creative little device is a fun project for a rainy day. Just remember to be careful, sharp metal and fire are not to be dealt with absent-minded. So, with that in mind, grab some soda cans, and get cooking.

What You Need:
- 2 Soda cans
- Swiss rmy knife (or a sharp, steady knife and scissors)
- Push pin (may come in your Swiss Army Knife)
- High Temperature Tape

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- Create the base. Make a line around one of the cans about 1.5 inches from the bottom of the can. Carefully cut around this line using your Swiss army knife.

- Create the burner: Remove the tab from the second can and turn it upside down so that the bottom is facing you. Around the rim of the bottom, mark about 20 holes. Then, use the push pin to gently pierce each hole. If need be, you can use the help of a hammer, but make sure to be gentle. Try to keep the holes similar in size.

- Create the main opening. Now cut the bottom circle out of the same can for a hole. Use a sharp, steady knife since this can be a thick metal.

- Cut out the top. From the bottom of the can measure about 1 inch. Mark a line evenly around the can, and cut along.

- Make the tabs. Make a few cuts along the stove top to create tabs.

- Cut the inner wall. Take the leftover cans to use to create a inner wall. You need 1 inch width of a strip, so cut whichever can you can get that amount from.

- Size the inner wall. You need to fit the inner wall to the stove base, so it sturdily sits inside.

- Trim the inner wall. Cut 3 small pieces off the ends, equally distanced around the wall.

- Place inner wall. with the small pieces cut, at the bottom. Then place the burner on top, tucking the tabs inside the stove bottom.

- To be safe. The safest way to use this stove, is to use high temperature take to keep it all together. Just wrap it around the stove to secure the top and bottom snugly.

- Use it. Now that you've got your stove, put it to good use. Fill the stove with denatured alcohol about halfway, carefully light it, and you are ready to go.