Best Sunscreens For Protecting Your Skin

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Glycolix Elite SPF 30 Sunscreen

Zinc oxide is the main active ingredient in this super protective sunscreen made specifically for your face. The formula includes Vitamins A, C and E for enhanced nourishment and green tea extract which is said to reduce inflammation and redness. It works well as an everyday sunscreen that can be worn underneath makeup and is personally recommended by Dr. Bailey.; $30

Raw Elements Eco Formula SPF 30+ Sunscreen

This GMO-free sunscreen promises water-resistant, broad spectrum protection for up to 80 minutes. Zinc oxide is the main component and the rest of the lotion is made with mostly USDA certified organic ingredients including organic sunflower oil, organic green tea, organic black tea, organic coffee, organic hemp seed oil, and organic cocoa butter. Raw Elements calls it the "the Conscious Consumer's answer to serious sun protection" and says that it's gentle enough for adults and children alike.; $19

Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen

This mineral-based, zinc oxide body sunscreen boasts a label free of ingredients like parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes, which are often considered harsh and sometimes harmful to the skin. Described as easy to apply, non-greasy and therapeutic it offers broad spectrum protection and incorporates soothing ingredients like green tea extract and pomegranate seed oil.; $24

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Sunscreen

The active ingredients in this oil-free sunscreen include both zinc oxide and octinoxate. Developed especially for sensitive skin it's a great product for those prone to acne, rosacea and discoloration. Dr. Bailey recommends this product for its light texture and the inclusion of Niacinamide which can help calm redness.; $23

Beyond Coastal Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide ultimate skin protection in this broad spectrum moisturizing and water resistant sunscreen. The all-natural nourishing ingredients also include aloe vera, shea butter and vitamin C and the non-greasy formula is also hypoallergenic and fragrance free.; $17

Badger SPF 30 Organic Active Sunscreen

This all-natural sunscreen offers water and sweat resistant protection for up to 40 minutes and is 98% certified organic by NSF. Zinc oxide is the main protecting component and the remainder of the ingredient list is only 4 items long. Especially great for eco-friendly outdoor lovers, the product is also biodegradable and comes in a BPA & phthalate-free tube made from #2 recyclable plastic.; $16

Badger Sport Sunscreen Cream SPF 35

This lotion from Badger is also made with zinc oxide and its label only includes five ingredients total. However, it's designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy extreme sports and offers prolonged water and sweat resistant protection for up to 80 minutes, making it the smarter choice for endurance athletes who might spend extra time sweating under the sun.; $16

Kabana Skin Care Green Screen® Organic Sunscreen SPF 32

Green Screen includes only eight components made with 25% zinc oxide and 86% certified organic ingredients. Safe for children and adults of all ages the fragrance-free lotion offers 97% UV absorption across the entire UVA & UVB spectrum, is biodegradable and sold in 100% recyclable packaging.; $31