Best Hikes: 6 Days In Cedar Mesa, Utah

Mountaineer and author David Roberts spent six days this spring exploring his favorite place on earththe red rock canyons and unrestored ruins of Cedar Mesa, Utah.  Here, he shares his exclusive story, complete with breathtaking photos by Stephanie Scott.

Day 1: The Hunting Panel: Red rock canyons and mysterious petroglyphs


Day 2: Sheik's Canyon: The Green Mask and the Princess



Day 3: The Citadel: With a 360-degree view of the horizon in all directions, who wouldn't want to live here?


Day 4: Target and Mule: Watchtowers, refuges and unanswered questions


Day 5: Indian stuffing: Roberts's Pot and other treasures best left alone.  (See next page for Day 6.)


Day 6: Moon House: Strange, beautiful and accessible. That's the problem.