Cliffs & Castles: Hiking The Wales Coast Path

All 1,000-plus miles of Wales' dramatic coastline are now accessible to hikers and equestrians thanks to a newly-completed path that rings the entire country.

The new Wales Coast Path links together existing trails, taking in some of the most undeveloped stretches of cliffs and beaches, along with old-fashioned, family-owned inns. Trekkers can hike and haul their own packs or enlist companies like Celtic Trails or Contours Walking Holidays to transfer their belongings between B&Bs. Horseback-riding trips are set to be introduced along the route this year, too.

Editor's Choice:
Celtic Trails offers a 10-day guided walk around the Llˆyn Coastal Path, a scenic, 90-mile section of the WCP that winds its way over the rolling hills and seashore cliffs of Wales' northern peninsula. Each day, you'll pass by ancient forts and castles—including Edward I's famed Caernarfon—and through quaint villages en route to a nightly layover at a comfortable bed & breakfast. From $1,401 per person.

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