Evan Pagano

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Kansas City, Missouri
University Of Missouri
U.S. Small Towns, Historic Sites, Travel Oddities
  • Evan's travels have taken him into marble mountains, Roman ruins, caves used by Civil War soldiers, and face-to-face meetings with a sea turtle 20 meters deep.
  • He spent months researching and writing fun facts for Answers.com.
  • An unabashed pro wrestling fan, he wrote a historical feature on the unlikely history of grappling at the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis.


Evan has written and edited professionally since 2017. He started his career editing for Urbo, HealthyWay, and FashionBeans, and eventually wrote and curated the newsletter for Answers.com. In 2020, Evan became an editor and occasional writer for TravelAwaits — a role that allowed him to interview authors, research ghost towns and rock formations, and visit adventure resorts high in the Appalachians. In 2023, he dabbled in personal finance editing with FinanceBuzz before landing a writing gig with Explore.


Evan has a bachelor's degree in English (with a creative non-fiction emphasis) from the University of Missouri.
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