An Affordable Solution To The Shaky Action Video?

Go Pro fans and Active smartphone videographers, meet LUUV, your new favorite thing.

LUUV is a revolutionary camera stabilizing device that helps you capture shake-free video from the slopes to the skate park. The three axis stabilization ensures that your motion, or shaky hand, doesn't affect the camera.

Creator of LUUV, Felix Kochbeck and the three other members of his team are raising funds on Indiegogo. Over the next 50 days they're hoping to meet their goal of raising $50,000. They have raised $15,653 so far.

The device works with any Go Pro or smartphone, existing or future models, too. The team says it can be controlled easily with just a thumb and index finger and it's built to withstand the elements, which is great for skiers and boarders dying for a steady shot.

LUUV works without a battery or any electrical power, it relies on physics and mechanics alone, which means one less charger to pack, which you would have forgotten to plug in anyway. And you don't need to be a professional cameraman to work LUUV, all you'll need is a few minutes of training to shoot steady video, they say. Additional help and tips will be available via social media.

With the funding they plan to finalize the design and then begin production in September 2014. They plan to start selling LUUV in October 2014, but those who pledge $899 can get LUUV in June 2014. If you can wait until the fall, one of the first mass production models will only cost you $199.

Regular cameras (DSLRs) are too heavy to be mounted on the current model, but they are in the process of developing an attachment piece. The additional piece will support the weight but there is no word on whether or not DSLRs will have the same functionality as smaller devices.