7 Ways To Fly Comfortably

Although we all wish we could fly in first class, for some of us it is not an option. However, there are ways you can turn your flight into your very own first class experience.

Traveling by plane is very convenient; it gets you to your destination faster, it is safer than traveling by car and the cost for travel may be cheaper (compared to gas and bus fares).  However, it is not always the most comfortable experience. Airline seats can be cramped and there is only a small amount of leg room. It can be difficult to sleep on a long flight; getting in a comfortable position to fall asleep seems almost impossible, and trying to block out the sound of that crying baby feels like a nightmare.

Good news... There are things that you can do to prevent an uncomfortable flying experience. Wearing comfortable clothes and simply bringing a travel pillow along with you are just some of many.

So, say goodbye to those tight, torturous, uncomfortable flights. Follow these 7 Ways to Fly Comfortably and I can assure you, your flight will definitely be more enjoyable.


1. Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothing is essential for a stress-free flight. There is nothing worse than trying to get comfortable in skinny jeans. Wear loose and stretchy clothing; try wearing a soft shirt and definitely wear comfortable undergarments. Tip: airplanes tend to get chilly, bring a sweater and an extra pair of socks just in case.


2. Bring headphones

Switch on your electronic device, plug in your headphones and escape from the noise. Tip: use active noise canceling headphones. They create a barrier that blocks out high-frequency sound waves and erases lower-frequency sound waves.


3. Drink water

Having trouble sleeping on your flight? Just drink water. Staying hydrated has been proven to help you sleep. Make sure you stay away from alcohol and caffeinated drinks; these may make it difficult for you to fall asleep, or disrupt your current sleep. Other benefits of drinking water include healthy skin, energized muscles and calorie control.


4. Get a good seat

Do you like resting your head on the window and sleeping? Try to pick your seat in advance. If there are no window seats available, when you check into your flight ask if there were any cancellations. You never know, a spot may have opened up!


5. Bring a travel pillow

Nothing is worse than falling asleep during a flight and waking up with neck pain. A travel pillow helps alleviate pressure points on your neck, it reduces snoring and is durable. Tip: try an inflatable pillow, they are easy to carry and provide your neck with great support.


6. Bring a blanket

Why must it get so cold on airplanes?  Sometimes airlines don't even provide you with a blanket. So, make sure you bring your own!  Lightweight blankets are great; they help you stay warm, while also giving you an extra layer of comfort on your flight.


7. Pack toiletries

Although you have to meet requirements when going through security, there are small travel sized toiletries you can bring in your carry on. I suggest packing lip balm, face spritz and a toothbrush and toothpaste; they are just some of the many things you can bring to make your flight more comfortable. Tip: Make sure your liquids are in containers 3.4-ounces or smaller.


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