National Park Towns For Winter Fun

1. Grand Lake, Colorado

Park: Rocky Mountain National park

Colorado is known for its famous Rocky Mountain National Park. It is the perfect park destination if you enjoy spending time in the wilderness! Rocky Mountain National Park has over 350 miles of trails, so you will never get bored. Plus, to keep up your motivation along the way, remember... These trails lead to some of the most amazing scenery in the world. So, go skiing down the glaciers and have fun flying over the steep chutes of Rocky Mountain National park this winter!

2. California

Park: Yosemite National Park

One of California's most famous national parks is Yosemite National Park. It is affordable, with reasonable pricing on skiing and lodging. Yosemite is open all year round and quiet during the winter months. Join Yosemites winter club, host parties, go rock climbing, go skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and snowshoeing. Yosemite National Park is the perfect park for those who may want a variety of quiet and excitement.

3. West Glacier, MT

Park: Glacier National Park

West Glacier is the home of he nations 10th national park, Glacier National Park. The perfect spot to fulfill your ultimate wildlife and adventurous goals! There are 70 species of mammals and over 260 species of birds, therefore... a lot of wildlife! Along with the vast amount of animals, Glacier National Park offers over 700 miles of trails throughout the park. There are also 6 National Historic Landmarks you have to visit while you are there. *Perk: Winter camping is available!

4. Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Park: Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah is also the home of another must see national park, Bryce Canyon National Park. If you enjoy sightseeing and adventure Bryce Canyon is the place to be. It looks as if it is a cave without a ceiling, full of colorful Claron limestones, sandstones, and mudstones. In the winter months It is full of snow, the scenery is beautiful, the red rock spires really pop out. Looking for adventure? Go on a snowshoe hike or take a winter astronomy session.

5. Florida

Park: Everglades National Park

Looking to escape? Look no further than Florida's famous Everglades National Park. The Everglades is the third largest national park in the lower 48. The average temperature in the winter is a high of 77 degrees and a low of 53 degrees. It is covered in a maze of mangroves, swamps, rivers, mud flats and tropical hardwood forests. Therefore, you could only imagine why it is extremely popular during the winter months. Take a walk on the Anhinga trail, enjoy the weather and the beautiful scenery.

6. Lone Pine, California and Beatty, Nevada

Park: Death Valley National Park

Lone Pine California and Beatty, Nevada are the homes of the famous Death Valley National Park. It is 70 degrees in the winter, which makes it the perfect get away destination for anyone who loves the desert, and doesn't want to experience it when its 100 degrees! Go to Death Valley National Park if you love the desert environment, camping, canyons, mountains, sand dunes etc. If you love the wilderness check it out, half of the park is a designated wilderness area.

7. Texas

Park: Big Bend National Park

Looking for one of the best parks to go to during the winter? Look no further, visit Big Bend National Park in Texas! This park is open 24 hours a day, all year round. Go hiking and biking over 200 miles of trails while admiring hundreds of bird species and the immense amount of 500 million year old rocks. If your into geology this is the trip of a lifetime, and don't forget, there is also camping available. 

8. Hawaii

Park: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

If you're in Hawaii and have the chance to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, don't pass it up! This park is incredible, giving you the opportunity to visit 2 of the world's most active volcanoes. One of them being, Mauna Loa at 13,677 feet.  Looking for adventure? Over half of the park is designated wilderness! Unique hiking and camping opportunities are also available.

9. Wyoming and Montana

Park: Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming and Montana are the homes of America's first national park, Yellowstone National Park. If you love winter sports and the wilderness, this is definitely a park you want to visit. Temperatures often range from zero to 20F(-20 to -5C) throughout the day so dress warm! Snowmobiling is one of the best ways to experience Yellowstone, but you can also go cross-country skiing, or on a snowshoe tour. Check out the camping grounds and maybe even take a hike and admire the beautiful scenery.


Eastern Utah

Park: Arches National Park

Bring your camera, if you are a scenery lover, Arches National Park will be your favorite. The red rock landscape is stunning and will have you feeling like you are in another world. Arches National Park preserves over 2,000 natural sandstone arches.  Winter temperatures can drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit so make sure you dress warm. Now get ready, take a hike, camp out, bike around, backpack and rock climb your way through one of the most amazing parks you will ever experience.