Adventure Travel Tip: Wear A Rash Guard When Rafting

"Whitewater rafting is a tricky sport to dress for—one minute you're getting pummeled by rapids in a breezy canyon, the next you're baking in the sun with nowhere to hide. In these situations, wearing a rash guard made from lycra, nylon, or polyester is your best bet for functionality.

Special UV ray protection rash guards are available made from fabrics that provide up to UPF 50+ protection. Not only do they protect your arms from the sun, they keep you warm when the weather turns and the cold sets in. Rash guards also work as an extra layer between you and your life jacket, protecting your skin from irritation. Although tight-fitted rash guards are most common, they do not need to be perfectly fitted to be fully functional."

Trish Sare is the founder of BikeHike Adventures, a global adventure travel company specializing in multi-sport tours. Trish has spent her life exploring the world over a wide variety of outdoor modes of transportation.