8 Unexpected Things You Can Put In Checked Bags

In an increasingly interconnected and cosmopolitan world, travel has become easier, more affordable and more desirable than ever before. Just this past year, U.S. passenger planes flew close to 750 million people to either a domestic or international destination. With an ever-growing travel industry, security becomes a main concern and keeping travelers safe, a more challenging goal. [slideshow:936]

Still, many travelers put security risks out of their minds as they prepare to fly. Whatever your method for dealing with the risks of air travel, you might be surprised by these TSA guidelines.

 Pop quiz: which one of the following is allowed in the cabin of an airplane: a lighter or a snow globe?

If you came to your answer through logic, you were wrong. A lighter is allowed in a carry-on, but the snow globe is not. If the souvenir appears to exceed 3.4 ounces of liquid and/or cannot fit in a quart-sized clear plastic bag, it's not allowed in the cabin—alright there, TSA.

Smoking has been banned on commercial aircrafts, by federal law, since 2000. Yet, lighters and match books are still allowed. What's more strange is the detailed list of items allowed in checked baggage. The weird items stowed away may not be a threat to those on board but they definitely pose some interesting questions; first and foremost, why?

Seasoned travelers like to think they know all the rules and regulations that airlines have out there. Any frequent flyer can tell you the size of liquids allowed in carry-ons, and thanks to the news, even people who haven't flown in years know that anything remotely considered a weapon is not allowed in the cabin. But glancing over the signs in the airport won't give you all the information. You might be surprised to learn some of the items allowed on your next flight.

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