7 Free Apps To Keep You Connected Around The Globe

Keeping in touch with family and friends at home while you're traveling the world can be a costly add-on to an already expensive trip. Airfare, hotels, meals and other expenses already set you back; communication shouldn't be another major cost. Of course you don't necessarily have to keep in touch with people at home if  you're on a short vacation, but if you are a frequent traveler, a student who is studying abroad or even if keeping in touch is simply important to you, being able to stay connected might be a necessity. Luckily, there are many different free apps that can help you avoid the extra fees on your phone bill, while keeping you connected with family and friends in interesting ways.


Viber is a free way to stay connected around the world. The App allows texting and calls and supports picture messages, videos and voicemail. Viber is a great way for people who travel frequently to stay connected for free. It's  available for Apple and Android devices.


Tango is a unique app—not only does it have texting and calling features, but offers a platform to create your own profile where you can share status updates, photos and videos. The App helps you  keep in contact with friends at home and also helps you meet new people. Tango is available for Apple and Android devices.


Whatt is an app that lets you share status updates with family and friends that you approve to follow you on the app. The app is centered around posts, which is helpful when people at home want to know what you're up to or when they can reach you. Whatt is available for Apple devices only.


WhatsApp is another great way to stay connected to friends and family while traveling. Features include: regular texts as well as multimedia text capabilities. It's a great app for anyone traveling abroad, or those at home looking for a quality messenger app with access to emojis. This app is available for Apple and Android.


Snapchat is a convenient way to send pictures and short videos to friends and family. You can also share pictures and videos with everyone on your Snapchat followers list by adding items to your Snapchat "Story."  It's great for travelers who want to share glimpses of their experiences with people at home. Snapchat is available on Apple and Android devices.


Touch is an app that allows you to reach friends and family through text, video and voice messaging. The app is great for any traveler who wants to keep in touch with people at home in a variety of ways using a simple interface. Touch is available for Apple and Android devices.


ooVoo is an app that allows people to text, video chat and make phone calls for free. This is a fantastic app for those traveling, as it allows users to video chat in real-time with a group of friends. ooVoo is available for Apple and Android devices.   

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