5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Doesn't Suck

Starsky had Hutch, Cheech had Chong, and Thelma had Louise. Who does Katie have? Didley, as in Didley Squat. It's true, I'm often traveling alone because if I were to actually believe I had a buddy named Didley Squat, the only trip I'd be taking would be to the loony bin. While I have had the pleasure of traveling with friends and family, I'd say that the majority of the traveling I've done was solo. Speaking of Solo, how lucky was Han to have Chewbacca? He would make the coolest companion. Or maybe not. Because would the folks at the Vatican let a creature that looks like a giant hairy dog into St. Peter's Basilica?

Probably not.

So while I do spend a lot of time pining for a travel partner, there are certainly many benefits of traveling alone. Below are a few of my favorites.

You Don't Have to Feel Selfish: For getting the best bed or being first in the shower and using all the hot water. Granted, selfish people may be more prone to traveling alone, but I think it's also a great idea for selfless people to travel alone so they realize just how nice a hot shower and firm mattress can feel after a long day of traveling.

You Can Take the Last One: If there's only one more ticket for an express train or one seat left in an otherwise sold-out concert, you never need to wait for the next one. I also run into this problem when shopping with my friends. If there's only one size small left, who gets it?

You Can't Complain: Other than your waiter or the hotel concierge, who are you going to complain to? Exactly. So when my foot hurt while I was in Central America recently, I didn't have to waste any breath talking about the pain. Even better, you don't have to listen to a companion complain.

All Photos are Flattering: When you travel alone, you have complete control over how, or even if, you are captured on camera. For example, I'm sensitive about pictures taken during the peak of my sunburn. However, when I travel alone, I never have to worry about finding any unflattering photos of me posted on Facebook. Not that it's a huge worry, but it's nice to not have to check to see if I've been tagged looking jet-lagged.

Budging is Easier Sans Buddy: That line to get into St. Peter's Basilica can be hours long. It's much easier to cut the line if you're by yourself. Just joking! You should probably wait your turn. That said, there is a great chance a group or family will let you go ahead of them. It's sort of like the rule at the grocery store where if you have a lot of items in your cart and the person behind you in line only has one item, you feel obliged to offer to let them check out first. 

This story was originally posted on katietalkstravel.com